Monday, July 26, 2010

A hairy monday afternoon.

Push control and click

I'm sitting, bandaged from donating plasma this morning.  I haven't yet decided if it is worth it.  Poked, prodded, then weighed with a scale and eyes as to whether or not I am worthy to have my fluids slowly pumped out of me by my own hand's power.  Next time I'm bringing a sweatshirt.  The only thing - there is a guy, with an inviting demeanor and smile that works there.  As I was scheduling my next appointment, I started to ask him when the next time he worked as I would then schedule accordingly.  But quickly decided that it was a fruitless idea as I am in MP for around 3 more weeks...and not really even in MP for 2 of those weeks.  Until next time?

This is my view currently.  Sydney. BAH. She sheds all over me and kneads my face while I sleep.  Mews and steps into my lap when the window is less entertaining for her needs.  BAH.

These, on the other hand, fill me with a small shred of guilt as well as large amount of excitement for the domestic excursions on which I am about to embark.  I hope to emulate and then morph these pieces into 1041 Logan Ave done my Claire.  I am going to bake bread on a wednesday evening across a talking screen with an Aussie accent. I am going to make and eat soldiers for breakfast before class on tuesday and think of benji.  I am going to make fabulous meals with table settings that are no more and no less than exactly what they should be.  And even Sydney knows that there will be liquor.  It will be flowing from the year 2005 into a spicy nalgene bottle for a veggie packed libation on the way to class. I am sincèrement looking forward to having a house, a home for a bit.  A place where I can cook, read, sleep and dance from inside to outside seamlessly.  I like to travel, but you have to go everywhere *from* somewhere.  I feel that the everywhere is so much more where when the somewhere is constant.  It is the control in my life of unvarying variables.  The freedom of the word "somewhere" is explicit and understood.  Somewhere could be many places, even anywhere - as long as the return to somewhere happens.  I'm gearing up for this next year.

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  1. I, too, feel that "the everywhere is so much more where when the somewhere is constant." I also love the photographs you posted, they are sensational and inspirational.


    PS: Enjoy the sunflower photos...