Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ready for rentrer


I have this week to take care of business in Michigan.  I have two dentist appts this week and have been rifling through the garage to see what I can scavenge for the 1041 Logan.  I have been discussing things with Leah and am very excited to create my an dour space.  I have even planned out and created a game plan for a garden in the back.  A HOUSE!

I am simply taking care of business here in Mount Pleasant at the moment.  But in a slow, I don;t care about anything sort of pace. Not too productive.  Am I still able to kick it into high gear (when I get back to UT)? I think SO! Will it be like riding a bike.  I think NOT.  But oh well, yo Sam, A change is gonna come and I am ready and willing. I'm feeling a little bit like this today.  And I would really love if I could hang out with polar bears.  I mean, not as a pet - just a companion.

But here in MI I have actually been doing a lot.  In a loose sense of the term.  Little Thises and Thats whom I perceive as needing to be done.  Meh.  I think something I'm really starting to discover beyond my acknowledgment of its existence - is my adaptability.  But furthermore, I am not only adaptable, but malleable. I can take some shape, spread some mud on my face, walk a certain way and could come very close to teh word conform to my surroundings.  Except I never quite give in.  But in addition, it isn't about the place and stereotypes or physical manifestations.  I seem to be able to read and feel and live the mindsets of places.  Which is why when I get somewhere I cannot climb (or fall) to that particular level, I feel restless, useless and utterly confused. But no more.  I think I shall carry a bit of mind from a couple of places where I've felt right in step and they will keep the boots on.

Things to do, seeds to buy, beds to move, clothes to dry and another beginning of sorts.

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  1. Give it everything, no matter what it is.