Monday, May 23, 2011

A beginning to remember

Ok so km figuring out the blog on the ipad, and apparently m'y keyboard is set in set in french...along With the auto correct. So this could de an interesting Time for a bit untel the sangs are all worked out. Or maybe i'll simply start writing in french.

So far i have had quite the eventful start. I went to brighton on saturday to do Some training for the africa this Summer and m'y face got sunburrrrrrrnt. it is horrible. I'll have to post Some mixtures as i look simple ridiculous.

Thon, i of course get food poisoning. l'été pu tire this....claire' vomiting,lying on the airplane bathroom flood the entire flight to lax. Being taken everywhere in a wheelchair because i'm too weak to walk. Yoles! Well That is supposes to say yikes! A

I've had enough With gris auto correct and think i'll stage off into Space for a bit instezd...until NeXT Time.