Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A filling and a feeling

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Gooooood Morning.

I've been at it early today. I had my regular Wednesday Coffee session with Jerica - as usual.  Lovely - as usual.  Then I went and had a filling redone because apparently Mt. Pleasant Dentistry is not Dentistry at it's finest.  or I'm a really intensive chomper. You decide. 

Spring is compressing to let loose here in SLC, but the depression made from the recoil is allowing a quick burst of Winter weather. I've been watching the snow melt all morning though. slowly sinking down and into the earth whispering promises to blanket it all again one day. Soon? Who knows?

I'll be moving in next door soon.  I have a few things saved in my amazon checklist just waiting to get over there and make it my own.  So ready.  But in that vein, I've been dreaming...
...aren't you now too?


I recently returned from Bryce Canyon this weekend with baro-baro.  It was gorgeous there and he took so many striking pictures.  I mostly ran around, wrote in my journal, stared at the internal writing on my walls.  Oh, I also ran into a tree - jumped, really. 
Coffee date had, filling recovered, papers corrected and the emptiness sets in - ever had a happiness that makes you grow? What happens once you begin to breathe again and you don't fit your lungs?