Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another Step

CLICK the three and a half months since I've logged onto blogger, a lot of changes have taken place on here.  This is a completely new format and I'm going to have to play around with it a bit. Seems user friendly enough though.  And when we talk of changes, I've had a few myself.  I've moved into my side of the house, where I've done a few renovations.  I bought a new car. I started guiding at UMA in addition to managing the office.  Slight things really in the big scheme of things, but worthy of note nonetheless.  This post will be dedicated mostly to the dear, dear, 1106 side into which I've been pouring my money, heart, frustrations and learning capacity.  I will start this with the "Befores".

I am going to try and show what the house looked like before I started with it and then a few things Teresa (my landlord and with whom I've been living for the past few months) did for "my" side as well.  Onward!

This first photo is of the living room as you first walk in the front door.  If this room is a rectangle (which it is) the hallway is directly opposite from the front door. then, the wall that you're staring at currently is across from a huge window that takes up about 5/8ths of that whole wall...the remaining being the front door and some space on either side of each feature.  The wall you can partially see on the right has another window that is narrow but very tall.

TaDa! Now that you walked through that description with words, reward yourself with a did I do? Was that opposite of you imagined? I hope not...
Now, if we walk forward and take the first and direct right, there is the kitchen.  It is behind that large, magenta wall.... This photo shows the entrance to it and the tail end (a..ha..ha..ha...) of Bonobo, the neighborhood cat that has taken a serious liking to me and isn't actually very cat-like at all...

This is the kitchen if you're standing in front of the wall in the kitchen to the living room. back to the sink.  It isn't much and needs some lovin'....
There is the hallway from the living room to my bedroom....everything all the while being a disgusting cream color....You can also see the snow outside and my old car "la beauté d'une tomate verte". 

Bedroom....more disgusting cream...more and more and more...

This is one angle of the bathroom....but already with the new sink in it. The old one was....well let's just stop at saying the state originally built this house and so it had Utah state style, while being able to accommodate people in wheelchairs. read: two feet high. 

The shower.  It has beautiful tile and a porcelain tub. A great feature that needed no work!

Ok, that's about it for me.  I'm off to bed because I'll be up to climb in the morning at five and then head to work.  This is just teh beginning and I swear the next updates will be better constructed - I mean I have to convince you somehow that this place is better and if it won't be the content, it will be the form! xxx