Thursday, July 30, 2009

New York, New York

Hmmm, this is a little behind but this is new York. New York.

I had never been to NYC before this trip and I was ready to see what I thought of this epicenter of America.

So I arrive in NYC fairly late and take the subway(not metro) to Mel's street. melanie is my best friend and she goes to U of M. She is a genius and goes to the Ross Business school there as a pre-admit. Genius, that's all you need to know (among many other qualities that make you unworthy) She is in NYC for the summer for an internship. She and I share a love of good food, reading and eating while reading. Among other things that make you unworthy of us. :)

So Friday morning she had to work and we went out to breakfast first. With some granola in us, a little more than I usually am ;) , we headed out. She went to work and I went to Central park. I trolled around there plugged into my ipod and then grabbed a bench and read some. I then headed over to meet Mel for our lunch reservations at Cafe Boulud. We ate, it was amazing, especially my mushroom polenta...mmmmm. Mel then had to go back to work and I went to Rockerfella (:D) Plaza. She got out early and we headed home. After that we headed over t the highline which is an old railway line converted into BEAUTIFUL park-ish thing. There are benches and plants and a glorious view. There's a picture of Mel and me. Happiness.

Then, hahaha Mel and I are sitting there and she looks over...."oh, look at the cute caterpillar!" I look over "Mel, that's a cigarette butt" It's Manhattan, nature doesn't exist unless it is in the zoning. Caterpillars included. Although we did manage to have a gorgeous view over the Hudson.

Friday night there was an intern get-together from melanie's work at a house of one of the guys. We went home after eating at Chelsea thai, a nice thai shop in Chelsea market, which is REALLY cool b the way. If you go to NYC it is a must, and the highline is right above it, ch-ch-ch-check it out. Melanie and I are probably a very odd looking couple of friends...but we enjoy it. People really do look at us on the street. But we love each other anyway.

This is what two people up to no good on the subway look like. Watch out, they know how to get you. I was just really enjoying being around Mel. We haven;t been able to have a lot of quality time together as we are in school and I live 5 states away. I can't wait until Spain with her, you'll be seeing pictures of our crazy selves on the Spain..maybe even in the rain...I'll stop.

On Saturday we went to Hell's Kitchen Flea market. Very cool, but soooo hot outside. We then went to an outdoor farmer's market, grabbed some food and headed over to Central park with our books in tow (and a sheet) to do our favorite past and read outside. nothing better really. I was really taking a bite out of the Big Apple....hardy-har-har...Oh and on teh way there melanie and i were suckered into trying a godiva drink for free...and then he gave us a free truffle...each! so I bought some almond bark and joined the Godiva club. Which if you know me, you know I'm not a HUGE chocolate fan, and this makes for some slight irony. but hey, I get a free piece of chocolate a month, not a bad deal.

That night my life was changed.

I went to Matsugen with Melanie (obviously) to celebrate my birthday. It was one of the best meals I've EVER eaten as well as one of the best nights of my life. Mel and I were just floating on teh top of the world. We sat down to eat at 8:45 and just enjoyed ourselves....We paid the bill at 11:45...Three hours of pure bliss. We talked, we ate, we drank, we ate, we talked some More, we laughed a lot, we oogled our Beautiful Waiter Man, we went and checked out the really cool bathrooms (Melanie has a smalllllll bladder and went 4 times I think...) we just enjoyed life. I can't remember a time when I have been that happy for that amount of time consecutively without ever coming down. It was simply the best.

The next morning I got up early and went out for morning drinks with a friend from Utah who is also in NYC. Alison C Vance at She is killer, rockin' the theatre, dance, singing scene in NYC. Rockin' it. I had a blast talking to her and just hearing about her world....I wistfully remembered my days of acting and dreams of theatre.....sometimes I wonder....
She also gave me some advice from a book she is reading. There are people called crazymakers; they exist and ruin my world. It was an epiphany, she let me in on this secret. For details just ask. If you think you are one i my life...just ask. Though you probably know.

When I came back Mel and I went out to Breakfast at thing wonderful place that serves all natural food: Spring Street Natural. We got DELICIOUS French Toast. It was amazing. As was my entire weekend.

Overall, I had a fantastic time in NYC. I think my experience would have been a lot worse had I not been with Mel. She and I are really good to travel together. We are on a similar level when it comes to trying and experiencing new things. And I love her, simply. It made me so eager for Spain. She and I are going to have a blast. This post wasn't very witty, and I could have gone into a lot more detail, but I hopes this satisfies. It does me anyway, and that's sort of my point, non?

Ms. Claire Winter
Song: "San Diego Serenade" Tom Waits

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Oh. My.
I have three comments posted on the SAME DAY that I posted.
Oh. My.
I think I will fall asleep with a smile on my face tonight.

I went to go running tonight and by chance ran into Ben, another Hinckley intern and decided to go with as it was already getting dark. Why not.
Oh. My.
We ended up running about 7 1/2 miles. It was about 85 degrees with 60% humidity..
Oh. MY.
When I got home I was so unbearably hot. I went to get ice cubes and well, errr, got distracted.

Will be posting about NYC and other adventures soon. :)
Claire Winter Gorton

Song: Just as I was checking this the song changed, so I feel I must include both.
"Big Rock Candy Mountains" Harry McClintock
"Prologue" Harry Potter
Did you vote on the quiz?!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Catching Up

Hello Hello Hello,
I have so very much to catch everyone up on. I mean I know people are waiting at their computers checking the blog first thing in the morning and then every hour on the hour to see if I've updated. I know this, I just do and I apologize for the delay.

So I believe we left off with the boys? Over to your right is Jonah being thoroughly excited about being in DC and riding in a cab. As he would say, "that is soooo DC"Well sadly Jonah had to leave us on Sunday afternoon. it was quite sad, I will miss him over the next year. His telling of random FACTS was a highlight.

But we tarried on and went to Eastern market so I could try and score some free veggies and fruits for the coming week. Unfortunately we were too late for all the free ones, but I was able to get some very discounted prices. Coming at the end of the day pays off to be certain.

From there I believe we went home to make dinner and hannnnnnnng. We grilled out on my balcony and enjoyed the sunset while listening to music and sharing some. Good friends, good eats, good life. This is Dennis with our really good mushroom smelly cheese burgers. Isn't Dennis just precious, this picture is just spectacular. We grilled out down stairs and this cute little boy came up and asked me if I wanted to play batchi Ball (spelling?) and he was just so outgoing and we knew he will be a lady killer when he grows up. And this guy was playing guitar too, so we were serenaded while we were out there. Just gorgeous. I love it. We watched a movie and took it low key as I had to work the next day. We laughed watching Role Models and I made some rockin' popcorn. It was a Sunday evening to remember.

over the next few days we played some tennis, swam in the pool and just enjoyed each other's company. Jeremy found my frozen blueberries and substituted them for ice cubes with a dual purpose of flavor. Remniscent of the HC. Oh Lawd. We also kept with the tradition and watched a movie every night. Tuesday night we also had a party to go to for a website promotion. It was at a club downtown and it was fun, met some cool people. After we got some Indian food and headed home. overall, I had a blast with these guys; they even came and helped me do work at work one day. Imagine that! It was so nice to have that effortless company that produces such fine memories and even activities. When one variable is taken away by a comfortable constant, your other variable can, well, vary a little more. It seems to make things a little more exciting and therefore enjoyable.

At the place, while waiting we got bored. Jeremy and I were reading a newspaper, but then I just decided to put all my efforts into my real desire, which was looking down his shirt. Good Indian food too.

A tout a l'heure,

Song: "The Great Salt Lake" By Band of Horses
Wow. Look at that. sometimes coincidences are the highlights of my mind. Uncanny. And welcome.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Status Update:Happy


I am currently enjoying my house(apt) guests of Jeremy and Dennis. sadly, Jonah went home on Sunday because he had to work.

They arrived late Thursday night at around 12 at Reagan. I took the metro there to pick them up and then we all shared a cab home. I sat there in the cab with my friends, pointing out the sights with the wind rushing in and felt so happy I could barely contain it, I was laughing and smiling uncontrollably. The presence of good friends is a drug if there ever was one. We went home and I was so tired before they arrived but now I was filled with energy and vigor for the whole night! I knew I shouldn't, but it was tempting. We just sat and talked, taught Dennis how to make oatmeal (water+oats+minute on the microwave), laughed and got them settled in. we just sat there and talked in hushed voices like secret lovers because my roommates were asleep, but it just as invigorating. I finally fell asleep at a little before three. it was well worth it and I fell asleep with a smile on my face in anticipation of the great times that were to come in the next few days.

Friday of course I had work, but the boys slept in and then took off to the mall to explore. I then met up with them after work to go get our baseball tickets for the evening. Right after we bought them it started pouring....but it was supposed to clear up later. We were still soaked, but you win some, you lose some. We had some good fun that night, at the game. And then afterwards e decided it was time to hit up Ben's Chili Bowl for some famous eats. I got a chili dog and a DELICIOUS vanilla shake. That shake was so good. Then we were pretty much pooped and headed home.

We had a nice leisurely morning Saturday and tooled around a little. I snapped a picture when all of us were right there. I love friends.

P.S. Jonah is on a stool ;)

yours fulfilled,


Song: "le nozze de figaro" Mozart

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just another evening

Hello Friends and Lovers,
I am sitting here on a lovely city evening in the District. The sun is setting and my music is playing. I am feeling quiet, within myself that is. I'm striving anyway. But let's jump two clicks back.

Saturday night was a BLAST. I met some cool people and ate some Amazing food. Probably the highlight of the evening. And that's not because the people weren't cool, it is because the food was just that freaking amazing. There were can-can dancers, expats, the aforementioned drool-worthy food, french champagne, girls who had lived in Aix recently, British boys, and a whole lot of fun. It was almost everything 'd hoped for, it still blew me away. I would love to go back. Who knows, maybe next year?

Sunday was a great day as well, beautiful and hot. I strolled Eastern Market and went to Costco! Oh simple joys. Although, now I have 10 lbs of oatmeal and I informed Melanie I will be taking it to Spain. She said to have fun, but she'll be eating Spanish cuisine. I said damn. I got some good fruits and veggies for spectacular prices and headed home. Epic movie was on its way. We watched Philadelphia, which I had surprisingly never seen. it was remarkable, and Tom Hanks phenomenal. So everything was fairly par for that. I went to bed satisfied.

I am so thankful for the things in my life and when things happen it makes me even more so. I have such a deep support system. I have so many who love me and I know I can go to any one of them at any time. Well maybe minus one, but, oh well. So when I lose a friend to suicide, as I was informed that I did over the weekend I feel so much. So much emotion courses through me and around me. I am happy to be alive, sad to be alone, confused about meanings, lost without my footing and basically just shaken to the core. These things happen; frequently as I've found out. but I still don't get less affected by them. I can't even explain my feeling, it is just FEELING and emotions. I feel raw and human, stripped away of any enamel that has been applied in coats over time and acclimation. I find myself a stranger in every sense but closer to myself than ever before. I realize that I am one step nearer to learning what I seek, but feel so much further away because I am beginning to realize the true distance that separates me from my answers.

BUT, then there are things that can always bring me up One of those is my sister, another in my dog, and the other, possibly most powerful one is Harry Potter. Laugh if you will, but at least you don't see me gorging myself on chocolate. I went to HBP at midnight and it was a complete panacea. Now I sit and contemplate. I need to do laundry. I am going to work out. Jeremy, Jonah, and Dennis come here tomorrow. Thank you, thank you world. I know some things, and one of them is, well, let's just say it hangs around my neck.

yours collectively,
Song:"Tin Pan Alley (Aka Roughest Place In Town)" Stevie Ray Vaughan

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The turning point

So this week and weekend was sort of a turning point for me and my existence with my internship, my life in DC, and my outlook for the next year.

So I had a wonderful week at work this week, maybe that's attributed to the fact that I wasn't there on Monday, but I don't think so. There are man ways this week was a turning point and we will start with my work aspect. I finally feel as though I am one with The Mitchell Group. I feel like an employee not just a nomadic intern. Everyone welcomes me and seeks me out just like any other fellow employee. it is great, and I sure will miss it there. It is also a turning point to the fact that the summer is on the other side of the hill. I'm on my way down! It's bittersweet because I will miss it, but I am rolling towards a vacation in Spain and then living and studying in France, so whatever pace I'm rolling at is fine with me.

So in honor of the summer summiting, I jump started and looked for things to do this weekend and found quite a many. (quite a many..? meh) Monika also found a concert that she thought I would be interested in. Boy was she right! Let's start with Friday....

After work I go to the Kennedy Center for the Arts to see Samantha Crain, a 22 yr old OK native. technically it is Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers. The were spectacular. Her voice was smoky and like being led through a thick fog. I absolutely LOVED it and her whole ensemble and plan to look her up and get all her music. A little bit of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and other attributes. Love Love Love.

Then we strolled outside a little and looked at the majesty of the river and the sun and soaked it up. We headed home from there to get some food and get ready for the next adventure.....

Our friends down in 515 had made a chocolate on chocolate cake. yummm, I had dinner and then some o' that and we were on our way. Our next venue was a break-dancing competition in the U Street area. Freshest of All Time was the catch phrase. I almost bought a shirt of this one guy I really liked, but as I'm short of funds right now, declined, with a sad disposition. This was a whole lot of fun and just fueled the good week/day/nigh I Had been having. Adrienne, Heather, and I decided to go tool around U street and see what was up. We ended up talking, pit-stopping at McDonald's, catching a Michael Jackson tribute sneak-peek performer, and just enjoying ourselves and the company we shared together, on a hot night in the heart of our youth.

This morning, I woke up 8 hours after I had gone to sleep, which because of the late nature of my night was not as qqqquite as early as I would have liked. But still early enough to be leisurely before......

The French Festival! I went with Monika, it was at the Mansion, Museum, home of Marjorie Post (father founder of Post cereals-Go Battle Creek!). Oh my, she had remodeled everything after her two loves. French and Russian luxury. I can't describe all the intricacies that she had, inlaid wood taken from french homes, Russian eggs given to Czarinas from their Czar sons, GORGEOUS orchid gardens/green houses. I literally lost myself on these grounds. I felt a million miles away from the DC hub and more like I was at a side-show of Versailles. it was absolutely gorgeous. Monika and I enjoyed dances by performers in full costume and we even got to participate in our own ways. You could borrow a nice sun hat, get a mouche (beauty mark, coming in all different shapes) and even learn techniques for communicating through kerchief and fan languages in addition to how to carry yourself at the court of Louis le XIV. I learned a french country dance, and how to minuet through life. It was a blast.

Now....NOW I am off to the French Embassy Party for Bastille Day (this coming Tuesday) and am I ever excited. I hope to dance, and possibly use my skills use today, debating whether to bring a kerchief or not (do I OWN a kerchief....?) I am utterly on air. Please join me on my own personal cloud. 9 was too crowded for my liking, I got my own. ciao, adieu, a la prochaine. When we speak next I will have dined on this heavenly food at the embassy party, and will be a better person for it ;) I would attach the link so you could check out the menu, but don't want to be held responsible for ruining your computers on the account of drool.....

Song: "Thieves in the Night" By Blackstar

Friday, July 10, 2009


So I was just checking my blog to see if anyone had commented, and I JUST noticed (after reading it several times over the past few weeks) that my description of this blog has a flub. One of those word-switching moments. See if you can find it. Ok, just look at my description and if you can't find it, I'm worried about you. How did I not notice this? How did no one else notice this. Or are you people just out there thinking I'm that crazy. Crazy enough to speak in a DESCRIPTION. ??


Song: "Talk" by Phish

As a sideshow, I was walking to work this morning from the metro, and found this. It's hair. Someone lost their hair. If you, or anyone else you know has lost their hair, its currently located on 11th street. FYI.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth of July

I am wondering if anyone even reads this anymore! I know of Rick and Jessica. Well thank you guys. So here is my account picking up from the rainy train on my way to New Jersey. In case you haven't read the other post and are not caught up, I am freshly late for my first train, had to buy another ticket for extra money. In addition to then buying ludicrously expensive ice cream to swiftly throw it up. All up to speed?

So then, as Jessica reminded me, I could not get a ticket to the normal train station I go into. Instead I am getting off at Newark Penn Station. When Jess asked Scott if that was close, he replied, "close enough, just tell her not to go outside until we arrive". I though perhaps it was because of traffic or yadda yadda yadda, but Jess quickly informed me. Area is SKETCH. I said sure no problem, I have a hooded sweatshirt on, I'll act really tough and snarl at anyone who comes within 8 feet of me. 'nuff said. I thought they possibly were being over-protective and worrying (Grace was with them now, and I do believe that worrying s contagious) but, I mean come one, I was almost 20(T minus 3 days) who would mess with this? ;)

Well I get to the station and true to my word stay inside until they call me, (not bad service eh?) and woosh through the doors out into the night. The very sketchy, crack dealer littered, prostitute popular street. Hmmm......Walk to the car with my wits about me and and hopinto the car. Grace is there, Scott is there, automatic locks are there. I am happy and excited to start my weekend :)

Grace and I planned to go into NYC on Friday, but the weather was against us. So we had a girls day out and the four of us went to the mall. Came home, ate dinner, hung out with the kids, became totally addicted to True Blood; I'd call it a successful day. The Fourth was fairly anti-climtic as far as Fourths go. Seeing as nothing blew near me but it was a fun day lounging in the sun, playing four square in the driveway, playing catch in the yard, talking to Connor about middle school snf of COURSE the BBQ. We made some *smashing* bleu cheese burgers that rocked my socks. Some ice cream for dessert and some Guitar hero to boot. The kids caught some fireflies as teh night came to a close. Grace Scott and I further fed our addiction to True Blood and finally fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning lying next to my sister, a I have done for (we figured out) 18 of my 20 birthdays. Before she moved to Utah, and I moved out of Gilmore, we were always at my grandparents house in Eastport, MI. Therefore we always shared the bed and I get to wake up to Grace's freckled face in the morning. Who wouldn't want that right? We get up and I receive birthday wishes all around and a call from dad. We hang for a bit and then decide to go play putt-putt as is my birthday tradition. AND for the first time since I can remember, I won my birthday game. No cheating, no pouting, and no crying. I should have kept the card.

We came back and had an AMAZING dinner consisting of Cheesy Potatos, Kabobs, Crack Salad (the one with almonds and raman noodles etc) and Jess's signature Pasta Salad. It was glorious and then.... the cake! Apparently peanut butter M&M's are going out of style and now there are only strawbeery peanut butter ones (Yuck!) so Grace had to raid a gas station in order to perfect my birthday cake. (Note: apparently it was only in NJ where they don't make them anymore, If I wasn't fond of teh state before, I am now thoroughly convinced of it's sub-par living conditions...Who can imagine a world without Peanut Butter M&M'S??!?!!?) I believe we took a video, and it will be on here. Even though it may be slightly, errr, un-cinematic.

All in all, it was a fine birthday. Splendid, relaxing, successful and gluttonous.

Monday we went to the club(Lifetime Fitness; takes me back to when Jess and Scott lived in Detroit!) and we went to the pool and played. Waterslides, mushroom fountains, who could ask for more. I took a few pictures, but my camera had died. Strike against me, ooops. It was a beautiful day and I was totally at ease with life :)

Until next time,
Song: "Fireworks" (kind of fitting, again, for the post, no?) By Animal Collective

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a Thursday it was.

Hello all,
This post was originally supposed to be written on the Train to NJ, but for reasons you will soon understand I just didn't have it in me.

So For the past two weeks at my internship, I have been planning this Fourth of July BBQ for Thursday the 2nd, as we got Friday off for the Holiday. Also, Thursday after work was leaving on a 6:10 train to NJ. So Thursday rolled around and that morning I was ready to go. I had made Fruit Pizza the night before for my part of the BBQ. I had packed all my clothes and set them aside for after work. I was set! So I go to work and the BBQ was a huge success. We were dancing, playing my game of fortune cookies (stolen from the Wicander family game played at Asian restaurants) and eating good food. So the day ends and I start to clean up. Now, because of the train crash on the Red line, the metro has been quite slow of late. So I get everything cleaned up and leave work at 4:40 just to give myself a little extra time for my train. I usually takes me 40 minutes to get home and then it takes 16 minutes to get to Union Station from my apt. So I was estimating getting to the station around 5:50, with 20 minutes to spare, and that was being liberal in my time at the apt, seeing as all I had to do was grab my bag and walk out.

Well, of course the train gods are against me, not to mention idiot people trying to pry their way on. Metro is kind of like a game for tourists. Ooooh! let's see if we can "outsmart" the train and block the doors so our family of 7 can squeeze onto the already full train of commuters. Oooooh! Every time the doors have to re-adjust we'll hold them open and be oh so gracious to let MORE idiotic tourists on. Wait? What's this? We have to get off the train? Why? Because we pried open the doors 54 times? Offloading? What's that? Does this mean we'll miss our guided tour of the Spy museum? UGH. So my train on the way home was offloaded. Which means me standing around watching the seconds go by. So I am running a little bit behind my time table, I go up to my apt, grab my bag and walk out. I leave my apt at 5:39, int eh metro at 5:42. so I have roughly 25 minutes to get there and make my train. Now let me just insert the above section here again.....
"Well, of course the train gods are against me, not to mention idiot people trying to pry their way on. Metro is kind of like a game for tourists. Ooooh! let's see if we can "outsmart" the train and block the doors so our family of 7 can squeeze onto the already full train of commuters. Oooooh! Every time the doors have to re-adjust we'll hold them open and be oh so gracious to let MORE idiotic tourists on. Wait? What's this? We have to get off the train? Why? Because we pried open the doors 54 times? Offloading? What's that? Does this mean we'll miss our guided tour of the Spy museum? ".....
We are offloaded again and I am just SEETHING. I am going to miss my train. I don't know if there are other ones to NJ tonight. I don't know if there are, are they then $100 more? Alors, I get to Union Station and SPRINT (packing in my backpack with a purse was a GOOD choice) and Spring up the escalators BAM! Train gone.

Bottom line, I have to go get a new train with an IDIOT lady, my god. I'm on the phone with Jess trying to coordinate the trains and places to get picked up and Jess is saying, "what is this lady's problem?!?" I am trying to explain to her I have a few places I can get picked up, as there are a few stations near jess's house. Again she asks me, where are you going. I finally look her in the eye and say "Leb-a-non. but there aren't any train stations in Leb-a-non. Therefore I have to go to stations in the surrounding areas. Can we look at those fares please?" She doesn't understand. End of that, I get a ticket and pay $60 bucks extra. boo. Standing, waiting for the train I see a Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop. Oh Hell yeah, I need ice cream. I go spend my 6 bucks on a 3 scoop cup. The lady says" The cake batter is kinda melty, you might want to eat it fast" So I eat it quickly and get in line for the train. Train comes, and I get one and in my seat. ice cream down, but not feeling the ambiance in my stomach. It instead prefers the train toilet. So I sprint tot eh bathroom and remove all the ice cream (which was still cold on the way up) and all the BBQ foods I ate as well. Lovely non?

I get back to my seat with the sour taste of sick in my mouth and pop in a peppermint, hoping it will mask it. I then go to grab my headphones in order to relax and watch a bit of shows on my laptop. But they seem to be stuck. I gently tug them a little more. Nothing. Then a large man comes and sits down next to me making it impossible to get at my bag and the headphones. Thoroughly annoyed and at my wits end I give them a TUG and there they come! ...A little lighter...minus one ear bud...that I ripped off...


Then it started raining.

Oh what a Thursday it was.

Song: "Lying in the Sun" Koushik

My awesome co-workers breaking it down to music from Cote d'Ivoire.
Eric and me; drinking our non-alcoholic beverages with class.
Francois, the man, the myth, the legend. This is who I work next to everyday.
Eric grabbed a candid shot of me with Ted's special BBQ sauce all over my face. Lovely, non?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wednesday Night: The Slaughter

Currently My fabuloso roommate Steph is killing fruit flies violently with duct tape, vengeance, and a can-do attitude.

And who says the girls of 930 don't live on the wild side?

Song: (in case you couldn't hear....) Another one bites teh dust by Queen