Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sugar Popcorn


This is how I feel.

All I need is the fabulous dress. 
Someone exciting come into my life.  Someone worth walking out the door - to follow that at which I am looking through the window.

Claire Winter Gorton

Thursday, September 23, 2010


click the click

I feel it again.  In my bones.  This inadequacy.  I haven't felt this way for a while.
But the overwhelming memory of my first 4 months in France is all rushing back.

And why do I feel this way again? What other reason but the little child of France? - French

I am beginning to resent people telling me to slow down.  So what if I operate at three different levels all at once and they are seemingly unrelated. I don't want to be told these "compliments" that are only being told to you because you need to change. What kind of joke is that?  You're just too in shape to actually play this sport with if you could just fatten up a little bit and slow down, maybe we'll let you exist happily in our game.

I think I am complaining about something most people would call a high class problem.  But there is still the word problem.  Whatever, I should shut up. Work harder.  Damnit - will I ever be good, sufficiently fluent in french.  It discourages me from learning other languages.  ok, buck up toots.


Here are some recent cooking adventures from the weekends.  I justify them as they make leftovers and therefore save time during the week.
Red Pepper Soup

and Potato Summer Squash Torte

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WANTS or needs?

click it, click it real good.

I want every single of these pieces.

I can't explain how much I miss France and the glamour of life. 
I miss the living of my life.
I miss being able to breathe.
I miss *really* being able to find, shop, and enjoy my dinner. 
I miss being social.
I miss wondering what things I can conquer with my day - as opposed to having it planned.
I miss getting a boule de noix de coco if I fancy it.
I miss wandering - through sunny streets, pages of books, and my mind.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 12

First  and then it switched to This

Again, where I have gone - where I will go.

September 12, 2008
12 septembre, 2009
12 September, 2010

I am very eager to see where my next September 12th will take me, but I am very content to the live the days between then and now. 

À la prochaine,
Claire Winter Gorton

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mes nouvelles


So an update - my life may be more exciting that I thought - but still lacking from last year. and Let's not even get started on the glamour issue.

SO I am moved into my house and absolutely loving it.  I will take pictures tomorrow as it is dark right now and therefore not a good idea for flattering pictures of 1041 Logan.

As of now I have some good news.  It looks as though I am going to be graduating this May! No strings attached! I mean bona fide graduation in May.  I don't think I have to take any classes over teh summer semester - Balla!

Another tid-bit of juicy goodness, I was selected to work this semester with the Utah Education Association.  It is a very exciting opportunity as I can observe first hand how education systems function, interact within itself and the community, as well as meet some new and very interesting people.  Which we all know I love to pick brains and so I hope they know what they're getting into!

I am also reffing volleyball for Campus Recreation this season - a fun and laid back job that will then get me into working with the OP again once ski(busy) season swings into being. In addition I am tutoring a friend in French and I am surprised at how much fun it is and how much it is helping me stay on top of things like grammar and nuances that aren't worked over in French classes - but that I used while living there.

Oh the joy that stems from loving life - I am happy with the way my commitments shaped up this semester.  Also I absolutely love this house.  I love coming home to it - I love its location - I love my kitchen - Home.

I was browsing Nat'l geographic and found an article detailing how a new species of frogs have been discovered after previously being mistaken countless times for young or adolescent of age.  I mean look at it! Hard to think it is fully grown.

This other photo is a beautiful mélange of a photographer and another artist who came together and realized how brilliant their talents are when put together.  And thank the lord they figured it out - because I love it! Thank you Tina Berning and Michaelangelo di Battista, thank you.  You're inspiring. And awe-inspiring.

Glamour, still looking for you and trying so hard to be creative.  but you're elusive nonetheless in my current situation. But Raga and Bone can help. Jessica, do you need a babysitter/shopping getaway....but maybe in like a month when I have a couple of paychecks...

Ok folks, I am off to clean my beloved kitchen. : ]