Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Weekend

Well hello, I felt at the beginning of this I was going to need to restrain myself from writing too much, but it seems I don't have a huge urge to write all the time. I seem more content with writing it in my head and then never publishing it in anyway. I told you Trevor, that's just how I seem to operate. But, for the sake of my VERY big audience, (thank you H berg! I am now up to 4!!!) I will publish my fine thoughts and wanderings of thoughts onto my lovely e-claire.

I babysat for Jessica this weekend, as had been planned since back in February when we found out that I would be int he Eastern Regional for the summer. Basically I went and hung out with the kids for the weekend. We made pizza, forts, a music video (which I will attach later) and had a wonderful time. On Sunday we took Connor to hockey for his season ending evaluations. Which was all very interesting, but even more interesting was the guy there with the looks of a tanner, less slimy Jude law. We got to sit and watch the soccer game (devastating loss, I thought we had it!). Avery was playing Uno with me, but I had other strategies on my mind than how to get down to one card ;)

We left (sadly sans un numero de telephone) and began our adventure through New jersey, more specifically: Trenton. If anyone has ever read the Stephanie Plum novels, let me tell you first hand, she romanticizes them and Trenton. Big time. Nevertheless I ate a butterscotch krimpet (dry and sub-par) and soaked up the surroundings from the inside of a locked car.

I love trains. I love riding on them, watching them, the only thing I don't like is getting on the. Poorly marked and confusing the train stations are. But I am improving GREATLY. I figure by the time I get back from Eu I will be a train expert. Or so I'm hoping. The Trains have nice comfy seats, and if you look for a while, usually you can get a double and stretch out. Then if you pretend to sleep at every stop, people won't really wake you up in order to sit next to you. But this can be counter-productive as maybe you want someone to sit next to you. In France I don't think I will be pseudo-sleeping very much. Not very much at all.

This article I have attached is about my neighborhood! if you go on 11st on the picture, (down) until it has a fork and i work right there at that fork! Read about my neighbor and learn a little. Pretty cool eh? I am planning a BBQ for my office for Thursday and am excited. Then I take off that evening to Jessica's again (on a train!) and I get to see my seester!!! I can't wait, I love and miss her so much. Even if she is a lame eggplant. I kinda wish Joho was coming, but at the same time kinda excited to just have my sister to myself. if you count with scott, jess, connor and avery to myself.

Until next time,


P.S. I went and checked out my neighborhood theatre to see if you can buy HP tickets ahead of time. big yes. I also asked if I could get a free poster after. Another big yes. Rejoice.

Song: "the Supine" Andrew Bird

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Long Overdue

Hello Everyone,
I thought it was about time to show everyone where I live. These are just a couple of pictures detailing my appt. Shall we?

This is a few steps in from the front door (not that there is a back) showing the living room and the way out onto the balcony.

So this is the balcony, with my room at the end. Just turn your head sideways, I'm a little too lazy.

This is our view from the balcony to the East , it is beautiful and overlooks Rock Creek Park. As you can see it is quite big. It was a bluebird sky today, a very beautiful day today. Next I will take you to the kitchen. It is small and slightly stuffy, but we make a lot of use of it. We bake a lot. Steph has this recipe book for items under 200 calories, and are so good. We d those a lot, especially a lot of things with bananas, as they go bad fairly quickly.

This is on my wall, it is my Utah shrine per se. Its right across from my bed, and its a daily view of mine.
This is the view of the bedroom from the door. I am in the bed closest to the camera. Steph sleeps by the window.

here is my view from my bed. I wake up every morning and the sun rises right through the window. It is very beautiful. I am tired and slightly distracted. If this post is disjointed, I am at fault. :)
Song: "Summer int he City" Regina Spektor

Monday, June 22, 2009

Time Begins to Fly


Well, it sure has been a while since I've written. I am very sorry for the lack of updates. I don't even really have a reason or excuse.

Last weekend, I do believe we didn't do anything worth remembering on Friday and Saturday. Though I could be mistaken and just cannot remember it currently. But on Sunday, I decided to go to Eastern Market and I hit it big. Eastern Market it an outdoor market that sells produce and then there are vendors that sell their wares. I bought a beautiful many-stringed necklace of African beads from this African Booth, and I almost bought an African shirt as Fridays are African/casual days. Its usually a combination of those two. Then I found a guy who had old keys and I went nuts. Going Nuts! I got some really cool keys; they were old and just full of that sense of "what do these open?" I was excited. Then as I went to browse the produce, all of a sudden I hear "Free, Free, it's all free!" They were giving away produce and fruit and it was glorious! I got tons of peaches and nectarines and yellow squash and cucumbers and a HUGE onion. It was great. Next, they were selling pastries for buy one get one free! Like I needed pastries but, beyond the point. It was a good day.

This past week, I did something I should have done the first or second week. I found my local library and signed up for a card. Now, I am a library person. I love them. How they smell, the natural ease that accompanies them. You can even type-cast certain people that you know will be there. There's the middle-aged, slightly shy and stuttering, man who just loves to read and not very social. The older, eccentric, and well-read lady with the shocking gray hair and out-going personality. There's the younger college aged students who work there on the side because they love books and the simple atmosphere that is a Library. It was great, I felt right at home. Right at home. Whenever I go to a new city or am in a foreign place; I go to the library. It's my haven.

Well, I had plane tickets to surprise my Father for Father's day this weekend and left Thursday after work to go to the airport and begin the surprise. I walked out of the airport and flagged him down and the look on his face was priceless. It was a good car ride back catching up and talking. Sammi drove and it was scary to think that she will be 16 in October. Yikes! Thursday night we just went to the house and talked until bed. Friday morning I got up and got my bike out of the garage and rode all around Mount Pleasant to visit a few people that I always do. Basically my Culligan Crew, Feldie at work, and I always try to catch Father Barz at IB but he was off gallivanting on Mackinac Island. I was bummed, but teh other two were very successful. I rode around MP and realized how small it is, I wouldn't need a car really except for teh fact of carrying stuff. I don't think my soccer bag would have fit on my back. But then after dad's doctor's appt we hit doozies (DOOZIEEEEEEEEE'S) and headed out of town. We saw the Richard's on our way out and exchanged some pleasantries and Tadley said to be sure we were fishing, we assured him of the fact.

We drove to Baldwin and got some flies for the weekend, and met this REALLY cool old guy at the shop. He was turning 87 at the end of June but was sharp as a tack. Spoke with him for a while and it was so fun. Interesting people in the world, makes it fun. We then went to our campsite and set up the tent and headed down to the river. Fished until 10:30 and hit the sack. Saw a fawn, huuuuuuuuuuge spider, Massasauga Rattlesnake (they go in the water and on land, NO THANKS) Wildlife enough for me.

Got up after a torrential downpour that night, tent stayed dry though, no complaints. Well, one complaint, Lilly tried pret-ty hard to steal my sleeping pad and sleeping bag. That dog thinks she human. We ate oatmeal and bananas and headed over to the mouth of Little Manistee for some more fishing. We got on the river around 10ish and got off around 2:30. It was a beautiful day, no clouds and around 85 with a decent but tolerable amount of humidity. We then headed over to Manistee to walk the beach and the pier. It was just a picture perfect day and walking along with my dad was very nice. We bought a quart of strawberries and a few nectarines and plums and munched on fresh MI produce.

From there we headed to Ludington State Park and got the bikes out. We went for a 25 mile bike ride along the coast in the sand dunes. I love the Great Lakes, I will always gravitate back to them I feel. It's the ocean, only better and without salt. I spoke with my dad about many things and it was hard to think I won't be spending a lot of time with him over the next year, and I miss our time together. He spoke of the summer when he was the night ranger for The Ludington State Park. He told me stories of deer running across him, running to the lighthouse in the morning, catching people skinny dipping, writing his thesis at 3 am squashing mosquitoes on the paper, and sleeping on the beach int eh morning after a shift. I hope to have these experiences somewhere, in the wide world, but for now, I stick to The Mitchell Group and my urban experiences.

From there we headed home and I found that my dad's un-stylish and outlandish sun glasses that he has had for 25 years are actually Ray Bans. My dad has magical powers, he not only found the only goofy pair they sell, but managed to turn them nerdy as well. I have included a picture.

We came home, a family that is a long time friend of ours came over for some veggies, fruit and sushi. I then showered and met a few friends at eh bar. Amazing when you know the owners how the 19 year old just waltzes in. hunh. I saw some people I really missed, and then I tried to miss some people that I ended up seeing. Such is Mount Pleasant. But my night's adventures with Bryant were a highlight. Jake and Amanda were there grooving along as well. But Bryant and I reminisced and spoke of Dave Matthews as we have been doing for oh, around 6 years now. All the way to when I would ride my bike across town to visit him at Kroger and eat Ben and Jerry's. I ran into a bunch of guys I spent my time with all through hig school that are actually Grace's age, Kirk, Berto, Dan Coyne, Shane, Mikey Mo, and assorted others. We went to Coyne's house and made brats, and Bryant and I did a crossword puzzle. Sorry krissy, we wanted to make sure that it was a Wynona Rider movie "Where the Heart is", I realize it was 1:30 there, my bad. But I'm pretty sure it was right. I went home and fell asleep with Lilly's even breathing and felt 15 again.

I woke up the next morning at 7:30 and rolled out around 8 to go to Deerfield Park for a run as is my, I wouldn't say tradition, but my comfort and grounding. I ran with Lilly and this time brought a swimsuit. I got to the rope swing and swam across the river to it with my puppy. She sat on the bank as I flipped and threw myself off the rope and into the morning air and the plunged into the Mighty Chip. We swam back across, ran back to the car and headed for my other always trip out to my home. Gilmore. Every time I go, and every time I start down the driveway but turn around. I'm learning that the past is passed and, well, that's it. I miss my home, but it was a life more than just a place. The place is representative of what was, but going there won't bring it back. I turned around, blared the sat radio to the Sinatra station and Lilly and I sang our way back to Kane Street.

Sang all the way to Van Ness and my desk now at TMG.

Farewell and the length on this exceeds all before, but hopefully the visual stimulation helps :)

Claire Winter Gorton

Song: I have listened to many during the time of writing this, but currently it is "Lie in our Grave
s" by DMB, which is quite fitting in my opinion.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Generational Love

I have now had my third weekend in The District. This one was kind of boring, but filled with highlights.

In case you didn't know, Friday was my sister's 23rd birthday. !!! MY sister, 23. Unbelievable. Also,a fun little thing about teh Gorton girls is that our birthdays are exactly 3 years and one month apart. So this was a wake-up call that I have one more month of being a teenager, or as matthew once said, "one more month of doing stupid shit and getting away with it". Krissy, my time is dwindling. But on a different note, June 5th is also national Doughnut Day. SO my roommates and I went down to the Krispy Kreme and got our free doughnuts. Not only were they handing out free doughnuts, but ANY doughnut you wanted! not just a glazed, or a krueller. ANY ONE. glorious non? Max I was thinking of you every second, and I am sorry if this causes you a lot of pain to realize I was eating a Krisy Kreme and you were not. Nor will you for a long time. ;)

Then, we went into a cosi to get water and get our stomachs back to normal size, and all of a sudden Steph sits up straight and says "I SWEAR I just saw a mouse" we don't see it BUT a few minutes later there it is just chillin on teh floor looking for crumbs. Steph tried to get a picture of it, but to no avail. Though I DID succeed in taking a picture of her, trying. So riveting, I know.

Saturday seems to me to be completely insignificant as I can't remember what we did. Oh yeah, I slept in until about ten, got pissed that I did and was in a bad mood for it. Literally, if you have ever seen me in one of these moods, it is not a treat; I really hate having things touch my ankles, or talking to people. Let's just say it was a good thing we went to see a czech movie in teh nat'l gallery of art and I didn't have to speak.

Sunday my g-parents were in town in their bi-annual trip from FL to MI. They drove in around 11 and we went out to a nice brunch. We then headed over to the WWII memorial as they had not seen it yet. My G-pa was a marine in Japan and it was very, hmmm, weighty to see him there. A whole lot going on in his mind, that is what I saw. I sat with my 81 Grandparents with our feet in teh fountain and felt a little bit of what I feel time feels like. I could see generations of us, grandmother to grandaughter talking, about love, life, health care, sisters, recipes, political leaders, books and much more. I felt as though I was sitting int eh family tree, though it was a great feeling it also made me think of my mother and the empty spot between us, grandaughter and grandmother.

I went home and as I watched the sun set I was thinking about how time passes so quickly and so big. The cycles engulfed me and my thoughts, I thought about Zach for a while and my motehr and was a little more grateful for the warmth on my face and the simple joys in life. And then, today when I get to work I have an e-mail from Zach's Father. It made my day, and EVERYTHING worthwhile.


On a lighter note, I always take my lunches sitting on our stoop. I enjoy the sunshine and the birds and not being at a desk, more than most of you can imagine. Well, today was hot and sunny and I came in only after about 20 minutes. Much to my humor, I rediscovered my abilty to take sun in a short amount of time. See photo for laughing purposes. I was sitting with my legs strtched out in front of me and crossed. Hilarity ensued.

Until next time (and sorry for the length)

Song: "Seven Nation Army" The White Stripes

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Milestone #1

I've hit it. That point where this is no longer teh beginning of this time in DC. I have little routines, I expect to see certain things when I wake up and they now coincide to where I am living. I do certain things that make no sense except they have come from habit, something I did the first day and haven't stopped.

So......what now? Most of the habits I have fallen into aren't terrible exciting. Going to the grocery store everyday after work in order to get fresh food. Running Tues Thurs. Weight lifting Mon Wed. Watching two and a half men, friends, or sex in teh city. Reading my novels. Blah. I am not that productive at work. I have a really hard time finding energy behind a desk. Nothing is stimulating my mind. can I do this for a living. I can right now because I know it is over in 3 months. But could I deal with this day in and day out for seemingly forever? I don't know. And my career might take that turn. The question is, do I stop it?

Jeremy brings up a good point. If I was doing something different, it like be a whole new slice of pie. Let's be honest. I am an intern, and I haven't been given anything terriby exciting yet. I'm not ruling out the future, but so far. I'm doing things that are necessary, but slightly mindless. Not mindless that an idiot could do them, but they don't challenge me. At all. Or even involve, uhhh, anything. Really, I love it when french people call in becasue I get to speak french. yes! I am just so restless. I am not exactly sure where it is stemming from, but I will get down to it eventually. So for all you people out there wondering how I get along as a high energy person behind a desk; let me just say. I don't eat any sugar. Yes Max, rejoice.

Song: "Freeze and Explode" by Cassettes Won't Listen

Monday, June 1, 2009

A different kind of Nat'l Park

Ahoy (hello in Slovakian)
I have completed my second full week here, and things are really beginning to get exciting. I was told to go home early on Friday (look, fired already!) so I went and opened up my bank account with Bank of America. They have their branches in France so I am all set for next year as well. I will be banking with the BNP Paribas. very foreign and exciting. Probably not, it is probably just a bank.

A group of the us went up to Gettysburg this Saturday. It was a fun experience. We rented two cars and drove teh 1.25 hrs there. We pulled up and there is this huge parking lot. One for buses, one for RV's, one for cars...unlike any Nat'l Park I'd seen. And I've seen a few. We of course take a picture with teh sign, even though the taker doesn't think we want the last letters each word. Then a few of us go into the museum and watch a film while two of my roommates and I explore the area. Once we re-unite, we have lunch on a picnic table in the parking lot. after that it is off to the auto tour! We drive all around Gettysburg and see some pretty amazing sites. We finish off with little Round Top and it is so striking. The landscape has not changed (relatively) and it is not hard to imagine men crouching behind rocks and running up from obstacle to obstacle, sweating in their wool suits, carrying rifles that weight 45 lbs. History surrounds it and the air is thick with solemnity of the hallowed ground. Loud noises seem out of place and you feel as if you listened closely, the echoing of shot and shouts of phantom soldiers would rings to your ears. But, the sun is shining and the air is full of the fresh scent of honeysuckles and although we recognize the sacrifice these people made, we choose to embrace our lives and enjoy. We run into a few folk sitting around a campfire in olde-style clothing and strike up a conversation. While talking to the "father" I see a younger boy chopping wood for the fire and I remember having to do that (eh Gercie?) But it is very interesting, these people choose to come out there every friday night until Sunday night for the summer and re-enact the period. They say they do it as an honor to the men and women who gave their lives, but also to ground them from all the daily grind. They get to enjoy beautiful landscape that is for sure.

On our drive there, I had seen signs for an orchard type thing and wanted to get some fresh fruit. So on our way back we stopped a this place. Oh my lorrrrrd, it was glorious. It was a man and his wife and they were both potters. They had four adorable boys and grew fruit and made jams and it wa absolutely heaven. It reminded me of childhood (-the pottery) and it was just gorgeous. The grass was green, the scent of fruit and fresh bread lingered in teh air. And they were so talented! They had etchings on their pottery that were phenomenal. They also had eggs from "Happy Chickens" and goat's milk. BUT, the best was the jams. OMG, the jams. They had over 20 kinds and they were delectible. This place was a smaller scale of Pond Hill Farms in Northern MI. I bought a strawberry rhubarb jam, remniscant of Mom(Gail) it made me think I was at Gilmore, without even closing my eyes. I also HAD to buy a pepper jelly! This time for the other Gail! It was only green peppers and kind of sweet, but still savory too. I knew it would be a great addition to my sandwiches. They also gave me an apple and a peach for free. Which made me think of old Mc's orhchard up teh road. It seriously was a trip. Then one of the boys recited the Gettysburg Adress for us! That whole place was truly magical in every humanly way possible. Simply beautiful.

We got back on the road and not far we saw a sign that said State park and Falls.....well I said, oh guys! let's go there! so we slowed down(quite fast...) and turned. We actually couldn't make the state park one so we had to drive on this road that we thought might connect; it didn't. But it was beautiful. Monika my roommmate said it reminded her SO MUCH of Slovakia, her home. It was simply green and greener. Rolling hills and a creek were on our sides. We htne finally got back to the falls, after a little adventure with some bad directions from teh state park. But we go to the trailhead and it was nearing dark. We saw some people and they said 20 minute for the hike. !!!, it was almost dark and that's what my companions were thinking, I could see it on their faces. I jumpe din and said, we'll jog and pleeeeeeeeease. They gave in. We jogged/walked to teh falls (which only took us 8 [!!!!] minutes btw) and it sure was worth it. We climbed up and around the falls as the sun was just below the horizon. The bats were starting to swoop around and it was truly a summer night.

I woke up around 10 and had a lazzzzzzy monring. Althought it was one fo the best in a while. I woke up and just started reading in bed. I haven't done that since high school. It was a treat. I then decided to get moving and cleaned a little etc. I went shopping at Target for groceries and they do not have service in there, (sorry jermy) ehich is unfortuante becasue talking while grocery shopping is a favorite (albeit weird) activity of mine. But then my roomates and I packed a picnic and had lunch ont eh lawna t the Mall. I was lying there, stomach full and sun beating down on my face, thinking to myself " What a wonderful way to spend an evening" I had the washington monument Literally looking down on me, it was sure a moment to remember. A first DC moment. But how many am I to have in the future? How many fantastic places will I be eating lunch at in teh next year? Let's hope many my friends. My life is truly starting, gaining momentum everyday and hurtling myself towards more and more exciting and tumultuous places and experiences. This truly is The Beginning.

Song: "I like Van Halen" by El Ten Eleven