Tuesday, November 23, 2010


November hasn't been a good month for me.  Blogging and otherwise.  But Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday, well tied with the Fourth of July) is just around the corner and I need ot keep my head up.

I will attach a few photos, although my life is exceedingly boring these days.

A view on my commute home

Me and Cocoa, my neighbor's dog whom I steal from time to time.

Saddle of Mt. Olympus on a Saturday morning

Until next time...xx

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

some comparaisons

click click click

I'm in a rut.  I would really like someone to pull me out of it.  I;m searching for creative inspiration to heighten my living experience....but for some reason I think this is more of a physical rather than mental rut.  I need a tanglible, endorphin creating, 10 digit accessible, action-filled catalyst.  But these help too:

I find this most amusing. And as they said, telling.

I watched Food Inc. yesterday for a class, donc this is resonating particularly well...

I kind of want to live in their store....

I have a volleyball game tonight and I am SO EXCITED.  I am ready to deflate a ball on the ten foot line.


 Click-ay moi

This is a dedication post.  I have a very good friend and I really miss her. We have been separated (of various degrees) since we headed off to college.  It is a little daunting that we may never live in the same city again (although I will try and find a job in NYC in order to stop this from happening) I know we will be friends for life. Though I do often long for days of blunderball, supermario, applesauce and reading in the sun.

Simply, I miss you.