Sunday, July 4, 2010

2 clicks off and straight on until morning

The New Tab Deal
I am currently sitting in a Holiday Inn Express Hotel drinking water, listening to TMC, and not wearing any pants.  It is comforting (at least for me) that some things won't change.

I have returned to the US of A.  My poor, poor sister.  Good thing she really loves me because I have been somewhat of a pain.  Among the pointing out of corn fields and the immensity of a super Wal-Mart, she sticks with me.  Through the gagging as I see signs for bacon chalupas (what even is that???) and then the people who actually eat them, she just nods and pats my back.  

After living a dream world, I am hitting reality.  Not only in the sense of what is this country I hold citizenship within, but also the fact that I AM a United States Citizen and I was GROWN saturated in all of it. Now talk about culture shock, here I left Europe knowing who I am and what I wanted and I am confronted with the Ugly Truth that actually is me.  I've been emotional, and not nostalgic, but I mean high, lows, sideways and upside downs.  Phew.  So, after the Atlantic Ocean and in between the brick wall and the heartland I realized I had to return to MP.

Ok, so I grew up in Mount Pleasant, MI - which I just found out (thank you wiki) has a population of 27,000 permanent members.  This doesn't include the students, but that is still pretty small foutre.  I am returning to MP in two days and realized I am completely unprepared.  I haven't been there in over a year and honestly have nothing to say to about 98% of the population.  I look at Caitlin, and Ben and Josh who are returning home to London and Sydney...boy do I need my little roby for some help here.  How do I return from SLC, let alone Aix?  I mean I was sitting around last night with a bunch of the people in the wedding party and we were sharing some laughs - but this divide was there in our speech, outlooks and persona. I really missed my friends ad I really hate MP and I haven't even returned yet.

But I have decided that I am going to only be positive from here on out and maybe even bring a little lovin' back to eclaire.  I did have some pretty fabulous times growing up in MP, gotta make good things happen, non?

I mean I grew into who I am now in Mount Pleasant, so things can be done.  You can probably pick me out - as I am the one deviating from the team pose of "medals on neck and face forward towards the camera".  If you know me today, you know I still stand like that, quite often actually.

I also had some amazing friends in MP, and we had some fun hating MP and a few people there.  I am at least looking forward to seeing my friends...and maybe hating on those people a little bit. In a positive manner, only. shoot. what?

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy day.  I WILL BE LEAVING! Cannot wait to get back on the pitch with these mecs and show them some euro style foot.

Oh Lori.  How my car was so good to me and we had so many good times together.  Like the time I left grace's house junior year around 4 in the afternoon, almost fell asleep at the wheel, pulled into Mill Pond park and fell asleep for 3 hours in the hatch.  She was always so comfortable. Anyhow, the best is yet to come, and soon enough I'll be going West.

Happy Fourth of July! The now non-event is finally upon me at midnight.
À +,
Claire Winter Foncée Gorton

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  1. Sometimes we have to suck it up and stop hating. Sometimes we don't. Sounds like your post vascilated between which you ACTUALLY have to do.

    My opinion is this: Don't be in a hurry to decide how you're gonna be. Just be.

    Love. Alice