Thursday, October 13, 2011

deconstructed thoughts

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Just passing through today folks.

One of those uninforming but perhaps intriguing posts.  I'll let you know what's I've been viewing - if not what I've been doing.  I'm sort of uninspired to do so at the moment. Although a small update wouldn't hurt.

I've recently started working at Utah Mountain Adventures (a rock/ice/ski guiding company) in Salt Lake City. I'm still teaching Rock and ice Climbing courses for the University of Utah. I'm exploring gluten free worlds and preaching teh wonders of WinCo to anyone who will answer my phone calls. I'm waking up early staring out my window. I'm grading papers for a Linguistics course and reffing soccer games.  I'm trying to be a good friend, person, daughter, granddaughter and sister. I'm drinking tea often and keeping iced coffee in my fridge. I'm taking time to listen to my mental hiccups and ask my father questions about his life and knowledge.  I'm trying to track down a dear friend.  I'm fighting distraction and over ambition simultaneously.  I'm experiencing some things for the first time and truly examining them.

That's it.

Claire Winter Gorton