Monday, January 25, 2010

of people passed.

At the very end of my winter holiday, I went to London. It was fabulous. I went to all these historical and meaningful places. I sat in on Parliament and listened to them call each other "My Honorable Gentlemen/Lady, or my Honorable Friend". I saw an almost exact recreation of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. There is a palpable sense of time continuance in London. It has been there, it is there, and it will be for a while. I went to the Tower of London and having gotten on a huge Elizabeth I kick in the past, I was so enthralled by the carvings on the walls where people had been imprisoned. THERE! RIGHT THERE! They carved that, before they possibly died soon after.

You can't help but think of people that have passed on when walking around places like these; I was also thinking of another one in particular.

I was thinking of my mother. My mother and sister went to the British Isles when Grace was about 14. They did all these things that I have seen in pictures, but this was the first time my travels in Europe had overlapped with theirs. Yes I was thinking about Anne Boleyn and the Earl of Leicester but I was also seeing my mother pass in between the figures in the crowd.

Later I went to Platform 9 3/4. This was harder still. I'd spoken so many times to my mother (especially in my believing years until that fateful day of my 11th birthday) about going to King's Cross and slipping through unnoticed. Or simply seeing it, perhaps catching a glimpse of someone on the off chance that I was a muggle.

It's hard. It's been a while since things can be directly related to my mom. 5 years have passed, I've grown up, moved away (three times) and turned into someone else. Some of you make fun of my Harry Potter (how shall we say it) commitment, but it has this very thick emotional connection to the little ten year girl that was given those books by her mother. I hold to things where she is still real. I mean being in France, there are so many things I want to tell her but if I did get to call her up right now, she would be so lost in the conversation. But not if I spoke about London or our past/future plans that we had. As time passes, some of the pain eases, mentally being able to understand that she's not around. But also, it only gets harder, because the realization keeps popping up at the most important moments in life that gone and forever are hard words.

It's been a hard week in France for various reasons, I would REALLY enjoy some frosted mini-wheats, or any other healthy comfort food. The distance is becoming very clear to me. And, it is far.

"Clair de Lune" Claude DeBussy

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I am back in Aix. Do you know how I know this? Apart from a basic awareness of my surroundings.

-I was almost killed on my bike.
-I went to use my card, and it didn't work.
+Went to the bank to figure it out, it was closed.
-It is sunny and probably 11 degrees (Celsius fools).
-I've had to wipe cigarette ask off from my eating place.
-The pace of life has slowed down to about 2(pick your label).
-I bought a head of lettuce that looks like a piece of art for 50 centimes.


-Claire Gorton
Song" Canto Della Terra" Andrea Bocelli

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So after trolling back through the Alps and making stops, one in Munich, you can see the beautiful square below; we then were winding around mountain passes and freezing glacial lakes, to end up in Graz. Though after leaving Salzburg, we decided to go to the Fédération Int'l du Ski (FIS) or the international federation of skiing. It was COLD but it was fun. Actually it wasn't even THAT cold, except for the fact that we were standing on lots of snow. SO our feet were basically lost to us for about 4 hours, but we warmed up with some Austrian stuff. I had a giant Brat (literally the name) Nick and Max had Langos,(this is fried dough basically doused in garlic...) and then for dessert Nick had a chocolate covered banana. (not exactly Austrian, but good nonetheless.

We went inside momentarily to warm up a bit and I got to see some real Austrian dancing and beer festivities. It was hilarious to watch and I wanted to join in. So did Max :] Jeremy: the corner I scan to is for you, I say it was an average of 15.

After the ski jumping, we headed to Graz, Max's city! We went over to his parents' house where I met his mother and saw his father again. Though Nick hadn't met either and it was fun. We had dinner, looked at the most adorable pictures of Max (little BLONDE Max) and just had a great time.

The next day Max had work and so Nick and I took off exploring Graz. We went to many places, one was the clock tower where these little guys dance...see video. You can see that my German skills have improved immensely. I now can say, please, thank you, I love you, and count to about fifty. Then Max picked us up and we just hung out, drank some beer and did what we do best. You decide which one it is.

Now Nick and I are off to explore Graz some more, eat some pastries and climb the Schlossburg! Until next time!

Song: "Fleigerleid"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rolf adds another member...

And we picked up Max! Technically he picked us up from the airport but really...

Anyhow, we spent the night in this amazing hotel (that I am saving for when Grace, Joe and I return there) where we were basically the only people staying there. We checked in and drank a few of the Austrian beers max had brought. By that time it was 11:30 and we were hungry. We were headed to the gas station to pick something small up....hmmm closed.

Magically on teh side of the road is a kebab shop! Fantastico! we ate kebabs, washed down with another beer and headed back to the room. Quel bonchance et tout!

Headed to Venezia the next day and it was just gorgeous. I have read countless books about Venice and living it was exactly what I had been hoping for. Streets winding around corners that one could easily imagine venetians dressed in their beautifully recognizable garb darting around corners laughing at teh inside joke that is the navigation. Then periodically climbing up over little bridges across blue-green water was just magical. And because we went in off season it was not even crowded, which was one of the best parts.

Venezia, I will most definitely, Definitely, DEFINITELY be back.

Then today we headed off up through Italy to Verona! Max told me he would take me to Juliet's balcony. And I wanted some gelato. A quick stop for that and lunch (pumpkin torletti...mmmmM!) and we were on the road to AUSTRIA!

Now we're in Insbrusck after a BEAUTIFUL drive around Lake Gardo and up through the mountains. We'ce checked in and are headed out for some schnitzel (after having bought 9 austrian beers) and an adventure! Ciao

Song: Poker Face Lady Gaga remix
(courtesy of maxi)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ROLF hits France

Last day in Paris..for a few. I have Nick here, only after I had a small freak out trying to find him. He had told me that he had and international phone and that he would call me when he got off the plane. I gave him directions to a central area and that he should call me from there. I also told him that if I hadn't heard from him by the time 2 and a half hours had gone by since his plane landing...I would come looking for him.

So as you can guess he didn't get in contact. And I'm starting to frrrrreak. It doesn't help that max calls me and starts laughing when I say I've lost Nick. Good ole Max. But I call Roby whilst pacing the Gare du Nord and it sounded something like this...
" What do I honestly do roby? Do I go to the police? but if I go to the police do I just start having them search ALL OF PARIS for a Nick Rosenberger??? Do I go back to the airport and try to retrace his steps?? Do you think he would have taken that cab like he wanted? Do you think he would take it tot he eiffel tower, I mean that's a central Paris landmark. Oh MY GOSH I lost Nick. Where is he? Call me Nick! E-mail me nick! I'm going to the police, wait first I'll page him at the airport. Roby, get me the number to CDG"
Roby" Do you want the Lost and found number?"
She always can make me laugh...
"Wait an unknown number is calling me, hold on..."

And of course it was nick, his phone had died and he couldn't charge it fast enough, and therefore nearly gave me a heart attack. But all's well that ends well right. Yesterday we went to Notre Dame and the Louvre and le tour eiffel. We had a nice dinner around the corner from us and headed home to watch a movie and help Nick return to health. But Now we're headed to Venice!!! And guess who enters the stage again...
Enter Front and Center Maximilian!!!!

"Vincent" Don Mclean