Thursday, July 1, 2010

The end of chapter 9


I'm on my last day across the pond. The last year had been unreal, from arriving in D.C. to all of my amazing experiences during my study abroad.  I feel so privileged. I am facing westward once more and completely sure of my step.  I am about to traverse foreign airports, with no less than 4 difference kinds of currency in my wallet, a phone full of contacts on several continents, and much knowledge and ability saturating my being leaving me with a bright and youthful look on this Atlantic crossing. 

It is true, I am not completely ready to go home in all senses of that sentence.  I want to stay in Europe.  I want to live this enchanted life that I've made into a reality over the past 10 months.  But as I chase the sun around our globe, I can smile on my return to the US of A because it is not a return to a seemingly endless engagement with the continent.  I have a year left at UT and after that my mind  brims over with all the roads presenting themselves. 

Speaking to a good friend, we discussed our ability and fortune to be depended upon, but our ever-present independence.  I return knowing that there are few things for which I find myself falling weak, and one is the the functionary need for independence...and another is Grace. I love many things, but right now there is a world to conquer.  I don't want a big fancy name, or to be a dame, but we'll see.


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