Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Southern FlavoUr

A forever memory

How I will miss Aix en Provence, Josh's weed patch, our beautiful poppies, the backyard park, to defenestrate things, Monday cleanings, and Josh's ever-present pleading to cook in his kitchen.  All things Cuques.

Someday I will return and Olivier will say to me "I've watched over it all, throughout the years.  I've seen Beau d'Erik grow old and have little vélo babies.  I've felt countless Poppy Massacres occur.  I've heard trance/house music go in and out and in and back out of style - while never differentiating between songs.  I've been here, thank you Josh."

And then Olivier will sing a small song in provençal that will be stolen by the tri-powered days of the greedy mistral wind out to the sea.



  1. coupo santo e versanto, vuejo à plen bord, vuejo abord lis estrambord e l'enevans di fort.