Tuesday, August 11, 2009

le matin, tout le matin

This is what I see every morning. The sunrise, out my window. It's rays fall upon my face in the simplest, oldest, most beautiful way of saying "wake up, the day begins, welcome to it".

I'm beginning to feel that ache in my being that accompanies change and the exciting unknown. I also feel the pull of my current life and place tug against the ever-stronger pull of what is to become. We all know the future wins, always, but the past/present put up a good fight and induce the idea of remembrance. I think about everything a little clearer, each second has been cleaned with windex and gleams in my personal crystal shadow box.

I wish I could capture this feeling in a bottle, a scent, a picture or anything that transfers through a medium to others. But alas, writing is all that is possible, and I don't do it justice.


Song: "Annie's Song" by John Denver

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