Friday, August 7, 2009

The Fives

The following lists are in no particular order as well and those within the lists aren't either.

The Five most dynamic and quality people I have met in my life so far:
-Old Man from the Baldwin Bait Shop
-Reed Wicander
-Joe Torreano
-Maximilan Kronawetter
-Lloyd Mitchell

The Five who have changed my life radically:
-Kate Swartz
-Michelle Duke
-Zachary Ruble
-Mrs. Mower
-He-who-shall-not-have-the-time-taken-to-be-named combined with The Gamer

The Five people whom I hope to embody at one point in my life:
-Patrisha Paulos
-Jessica Greig
-Leah Willis
-Gail Torreano
-Audrey Laskowsky

I've excluded my extended family from these lists.

People in their own categories:
Kristeen Schumacher

In addition to being un-categorical act as body organs and even if they don't want me, will have me in their lives:
-Barz, Leah
-Davis, N-kay
-Wicander, Melanie

Those so far ahead of the game they have their own plane of existence:
Gail and Peter (they literally have their own category...mother and father)

And the one person who I have come to realize understands me on every level and I get to yell and be yelled at, she is me with the unfortunate ability of frying in the sun and whom I could NEVER imagine life without:

Grace Elizabeth Gorton

Claire Winter Gorton
Song: "True Reflections" Dave Matthews Band

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