Friday, August 21, 2009

Falling Back Into Step

Pit stop SLC. Coming right up.

I went home to SLC for a few days before heading over, and this is completely bittersweet. I am here and my world is welcoming me back with ease and I'm falling into it's comfortable embrace. But it is hard because I know it is so short lived. I've seen only very close friends but it is so nice and easy to just feel my place is being held. I'm not left behind or forgotten, and that gives me the courage for the next few months.

AND, by falling into step I mean a plethora of things. My god I had forgotten how looonnnnngggg and obnoxious the financial aid and scholarship line can be. I'm thinking after having to work and deal with all the government agencies and the government itself I'd be immune to long lines and attitude. hmmmm, I guess university financial offices are in a sphere all of their own. My God.

But along with the running all over campus and feeling like a pinball between the Union, the SSB , and OSH I finally got to go be with my friends. I can't say more or explain anything better than simply saying...No I can't even explain it. The connections made, the memories had, the feeling of timelessness that accompanies friends who will be there forever because they are always next to you. Actually physically being next to them, it's more than comfort ability, it is love. Simply friendship in its truest and purest form.

Leah commented that I came back and we fell into being our 5th grade selves, 8th grade selves, and every other point in our lives. She said it just feels like sunshine after rain, animals being born in the Spring, just the most natural thing ever.

I leave on Sunday Morning, early. I can't believe it. I'm living the life I dreamed of having all my life. It's happening now, in SLC, will happen in Barcelona, and in Aix. This is it.

Claire Winter Gorton
P.S. I miss The Mitchell Group

Song:"Making Flippy Floppy" Talking Heads

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