Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Excuse me miss, you dropped your banana

So lately I've been eating a bigger breakfast than I usually do/should. I have excessive amounts of oatmeal (who can resist ten lbs of oatmeal for 6 dollars...I can't) so I have been trying to eat it up before I leave (still 6 lbs to go...) and the result is the making of big bowls of oatmeal in the morning. This really isn't that good form me. Not a lot of protein in it, unless I melt peanut butter over it, it just isn't a practice that puts points on my healthy meter.

In trying to break this bad habit, I decided to grab a banana and eat it at work when I started to feel hungry. Thus reducing the amount I'm eating and eating only when hungry. Sounds good, eh?

So I ride the metro, walk a bit, unlock the door, log in, typical morning routine. Well it comes to be about 10:15 and I'm thinking, yeah I think now sounds like a good time for the banana. I open my purse and nothing. Nothing! It's gone. I check the refrigerator upstairs just in case I put it in there with my lunch. Nope. C'est impossible! Ou est ma banane? so I start to search around. Honestly, where the H-E double hockey sticks is my banana! So i get to thinking, well it could have fallen out on my morning commute. Yes, of course that's a possibility. It was quite crowded this morning on the red line (yeah, surprise! right...) Then my mind starts to grasp that my banana was lost on the metro. So why on EARTH did no one inform me that I dropped my banana!

I'm sorry, but if I saw someone drop anything, a receipt, a glove, a banana, a kumquat, I would let. them. know. Hello!? Am I that off-base here. What did these people think? I suddenly didn't want my banana anymore and decided to let it fall out of my purse nonchalantly just like Andy Dufresne dropping his wall bit by bit in The yard? Or do people think I'm simply the type to have bananas falling out of my purse often and just let it go. Ok, Banana, you win this time, enjoy your life.

So, this is all well and good for the banana on the lam, but my stomach doesn't see the irony. It is still just lonely for some banana. Calling Eric....finding out where the nearest banana market is and 7-11, CVS, Starbucks, apparently bananas are popular and in demand in the U Street area. Fine by me. Go to the purse...and I Had forgotten how poor I am.

40 cents.

I scrounge and come up with 40 cents. 7 Euro...which is amazingly ironic because that's about 12 dollars and think of all the European bananas that could buy me. But alas I am not a month in the future and still need to use American currency. Blast.

Whatever banana populace, whatever metro riders, whatever stomach, whatever bank account. You can't deter me because I have 7 lbs of oatmeal and 3 lbs of rice at home. and 7 Euro.


Yours disgruntledly,
Claire W. G.
Song: "Mattinata" Leoncavalla

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  1. This is a tragic tale, my friend. I hope you'll recall my experience with dashing down a flight of stairs (taking them three at a time) at the Metro - squeezing in as the doors closed behind me - and turning around to see a man standing on the platform, arm outstretched, holding my nectarine in his hand with the most forlorn look on his face as my train pulled away.

    It's a sad situation when fruit is lost.

    Yours sympathetically,