Saturday, July 11, 2009

The turning point

So this week and weekend was sort of a turning point for me and my existence with my internship, my life in DC, and my outlook for the next year.

So I had a wonderful week at work this week, maybe that's attributed to the fact that I wasn't there on Monday, but I don't think so. There are man ways this week was a turning point and we will start with my work aspect. I finally feel as though I am one with The Mitchell Group. I feel like an employee not just a nomadic intern. Everyone welcomes me and seeks me out just like any other fellow employee. it is great, and I sure will miss it there. It is also a turning point to the fact that the summer is on the other side of the hill. I'm on my way down! It's bittersweet because I will miss it, but I am rolling towards a vacation in Spain and then living and studying in France, so whatever pace I'm rolling at is fine with me.

So in honor of the summer summiting, I jump started and looked for things to do this weekend and found quite a many. (quite a many..? meh) Monika also found a concert that she thought I would be interested in. Boy was she right! Let's start with Friday....

After work I go to the Kennedy Center for the Arts to see Samantha Crain, a 22 yr old OK native. technically it is Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers. The were spectacular. Her voice was smoky and like being led through a thick fog. I absolutely LOVED it and her whole ensemble and plan to look her up and get all her music. A little bit of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and other attributes. Love Love Love.

Then we strolled outside a little and looked at the majesty of the river and the sun and soaked it up. We headed home from there to get some food and get ready for the next adventure.....

Our friends down in 515 had made a chocolate on chocolate cake. yummm, I had dinner and then some o' that and we were on our way. Our next venue was a break-dancing competition in the U Street area. Freshest of All Time was the catch phrase. I almost bought a shirt of this one guy I really liked, but as I'm short of funds right now, declined, with a sad disposition. This was a whole lot of fun and just fueled the good week/day/nigh I Had been having. Adrienne, Heather, and I decided to go tool around U street and see what was up. We ended up talking, pit-stopping at McDonald's, catching a Michael Jackson tribute sneak-peek performer, and just enjoying ourselves and the company we shared together, on a hot night in the heart of our youth.

This morning, I woke up 8 hours after I had gone to sleep, which because of the late nature of my night was not as qqqquite as early as I would have liked. But still early enough to be leisurely before......

The French Festival! I went with Monika, it was at the Mansion, Museum, home of Marjorie Post (father founder of Post cereals-Go Battle Creek!). Oh my, she had remodeled everything after her two loves. French and Russian luxury. I can't describe all the intricacies that she had, inlaid wood taken from french homes, Russian eggs given to Czarinas from their Czar sons, GORGEOUS orchid gardens/green houses. I literally lost myself on these grounds. I felt a million miles away from the DC hub and more like I was at a side-show of Versailles. it was absolutely gorgeous. Monika and I enjoyed dances by performers in full costume and we even got to participate in our own ways. You could borrow a nice sun hat, get a mouche (beauty mark, coming in all different shapes) and even learn techniques for communicating through kerchief and fan languages in addition to how to carry yourself at the court of Louis le XIV. I learned a french country dance, and how to minuet through life. It was a blast.

Now....NOW I am off to the French Embassy Party for Bastille Day (this coming Tuesday) and am I ever excited. I hope to dance, and possibly use my skills use today, debating whether to bring a kerchief or not (do I OWN a kerchief....?) I am utterly on air. Please join me on my own personal cloud. 9 was too crowded for my liking, I got my own. ciao, adieu, a la prochaine. When we speak next I will have dined on this heavenly food at the embassy party, and will be a better person for it ;) I would attach the link so you could check out the menu, but don't want to be held responsible for ruining your computers on the account of drool.....

Song: "Thieves in the Night" By Blackstar


  1. "and I open it with welcome arms"

    um lemme guess, I (you) welcome it with open arms?


  2. Gotta MOUCHE Gotta MOUCHE...but can you do the fandango??