Thursday, July 30, 2009

New York, New York

Hmmm, this is a little behind but this is new York. New York.

I had never been to NYC before this trip and I was ready to see what I thought of this epicenter of America.

So I arrive in NYC fairly late and take the subway(not metro) to Mel's street. melanie is my best friend and she goes to U of M. She is a genius and goes to the Ross Business school there as a pre-admit. Genius, that's all you need to know (among many other qualities that make you unworthy) She is in NYC for the summer for an internship. She and I share a love of good food, reading and eating while reading. Among other things that make you unworthy of us. :)

So Friday morning she had to work and we went out to breakfast first. With some granola in us, a little more than I usually am ;) , we headed out. She went to work and I went to Central park. I trolled around there plugged into my ipod and then grabbed a bench and read some. I then headed over to meet Mel for our lunch reservations at Cafe Boulud. We ate, it was amazing, especially my mushroom polenta...mmmmm. Mel then had to go back to work and I went to Rockerfella (:D) Plaza. She got out early and we headed home. After that we headed over t the highline which is an old railway line converted into BEAUTIFUL park-ish thing. There are benches and plants and a glorious view. There's a picture of Mel and me. Happiness.

Then, hahaha Mel and I are sitting there and she looks over...."oh, look at the cute caterpillar!" I look over "Mel, that's a cigarette butt" It's Manhattan, nature doesn't exist unless it is in the zoning. Caterpillars included. Although we did manage to have a gorgeous view over the Hudson.

Friday night there was an intern get-together from melanie's work at a house of one of the guys. We went home after eating at Chelsea thai, a nice thai shop in Chelsea market, which is REALLY cool b the way. If you go to NYC it is a must, and the highline is right above it, ch-ch-ch-check it out. Melanie and I are probably a very odd looking couple of friends...but we enjoy it. People really do look at us on the street. But we love each other anyway.

This is what two people up to no good on the subway look like. Watch out, they know how to get you. I was just really enjoying being around Mel. We haven;t been able to have a lot of quality time together as we are in school and I live 5 states away. I can't wait until Spain with her, you'll be seeing pictures of our crazy selves on the Spain..maybe even in the rain...I'll stop.

On Saturday we went to Hell's Kitchen Flea market. Very cool, but soooo hot outside. We then went to an outdoor farmer's market, grabbed some food and headed over to Central park with our books in tow (and a sheet) to do our favorite past and read outside. nothing better really. I was really taking a bite out of the Big Apple....hardy-har-har...Oh and on teh way there melanie and i were suckered into trying a godiva drink for free...and then he gave us a free truffle...each! so I bought some almond bark and joined the Godiva club. Which if you know me, you know I'm not a HUGE chocolate fan, and this makes for some slight irony. but hey, I get a free piece of chocolate a month, not a bad deal.

That night my life was changed.

I went to Matsugen with Melanie (obviously) to celebrate my birthday. It was one of the best meals I've EVER eaten as well as one of the best nights of my life. Mel and I were just floating on teh top of the world. We sat down to eat at 8:45 and just enjoyed ourselves....We paid the bill at 11:45...Three hours of pure bliss. We talked, we ate, we drank, we ate, we talked some More, we laughed a lot, we oogled our Beautiful Waiter Man, we went and checked out the really cool bathrooms (Melanie has a smalllllll bladder and went 4 times I think...) we just enjoyed life. I can't remember a time when I have been that happy for that amount of time consecutively without ever coming down. It was simply the best.

The next morning I got up early and went out for morning drinks with a friend from Utah who is also in NYC. Alison C Vance at She is killer, rockin' the theatre, dance, singing scene in NYC. Rockin' it. I had a blast talking to her and just hearing about her world....I wistfully remembered my days of acting and dreams of theatre.....sometimes I wonder....
She also gave me some advice from a book she is reading. There are people called crazymakers; they exist and ruin my world. It was an epiphany, she let me in on this secret. For details just ask. If you think you are one i my life...just ask. Though you probably know.

When I came back Mel and I went out to Breakfast at thing wonderful place that serves all natural food: Spring Street Natural. We got DELICIOUS French Toast. It was amazing. As was my entire weekend.

Overall, I had a fantastic time in NYC. I think my experience would have been a lot worse had I not been with Mel. She and I are really good to travel together. We are on a similar level when it comes to trying and experiencing new things. And I love her, simply. It made me so eager for Spain. She and I are going to have a blast. This post wasn't very witty, and I could have gone into a lot more detail, but I hopes this satisfies. It does me anyway, and that's sort of my point, non?

Ms. Claire Winter
Song: "San Diego Serenade" Tom Waits


  1. Claiiiire. You are a gem. I am so glad I got you for a couple hours during your first NYC experience. I'm still sorry they didn't have honey for your tea. I also think our waitress hated her life, but hey, we had a good time.


  2. oh i love new york! that's so awesome you got to play there. so jealous. your life is an adventure! it's amazing!

  3. Liiiiiiiz!hello! and welcome to eclaire!