Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth of July

I am wondering if anyone even reads this anymore! I know of Rick and Jessica. Well thank you guys. So here is my account picking up from the rainy train on my way to New Jersey. In case you haven't read the other post and are not caught up, I am freshly late for my first train, had to buy another ticket for extra money. In addition to then buying ludicrously expensive ice cream to swiftly throw it up. All up to speed?

So then, as Jessica reminded me, I could not get a ticket to the normal train station I go into. Instead I am getting off at Newark Penn Station. When Jess asked Scott if that was close, he replied, "close enough, just tell her not to go outside until we arrive". I though perhaps it was because of traffic or yadda yadda yadda, but Jess quickly informed me. Area is SKETCH. I said sure no problem, I have a hooded sweatshirt on, I'll act really tough and snarl at anyone who comes within 8 feet of me. 'nuff said. I thought they possibly were being over-protective and worrying (Grace was with them now, and I do believe that worrying s contagious) but, I mean come one, I was almost 20(T minus 3 days) who would mess with this? ;)

Well I get to the station and true to my word stay inside until they call me, (not bad service eh?) and woosh through the doors out into the night. The very sketchy, crack dealer littered, prostitute popular street. Hmmm......Walk to the car with my wits about me and and hopinto the car. Grace is there, Scott is there, automatic locks are there. I am happy and excited to start my weekend :)

Grace and I planned to go into NYC on Friday, but the weather was against us. So we had a girls day out and the four of us went to the mall. Came home, ate dinner, hung out with the kids, became totally addicted to True Blood; I'd call it a successful day. The Fourth was fairly anti-climtic as far as Fourths go. Seeing as nothing blew near me but it was a fun day lounging in the sun, playing four square in the driveway, playing catch in the yard, talking to Connor about middle school snf of COURSE the BBQ. We made some *smashing* bleu cheese burgers that rocked my socks. Some ice cream for dessert and some Guitar hero to boot. The kids caught some fireflies as teh night came to a close. Grace Scott and I further fed our addiction to True Blood and finally fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning lying next to my sister, a I have done for (we figured out) 18 of my 20 birthdays. Before she moved to Utah, and I moved out of Gilmore, we were always at my grandparents house in Eastport, MI. Therefore we always shared the bed and I get to wake up to Grace's freckled face in the morning. Who wouldn't want that right? We get up and I receive birthday wishes all around and a call from dad. We hang for a bit and then decide to go play putt-putt as is my birthday tradition. AND for the first time since I can remember, I won my birthday game. No cheating, no pouting, and no crying. I should have kept the card.

We came back and had an AMAZING dinner consisting of Cheesy Potatos, Kabobs, Crack Salad (the one with almonds and raman noodles etc) and Jess's signature Pasta Salad. It was glorious and then.... the cake! Apparently peanut butter M&M's are going out of style and now there are only strawbeery peanut butter ones (Yuck!) so Grace had to raid a gas station in order to perfect my birthday cake. (Note: apparently it was only in NJ where they don't make them anymore, If I wasn't fond of teh state before, I am now thoroughly convinced of it's sub-par living conditions...Who can imagine a world without Peanut Butter M&M'S??!?!!?) I believe we took a video, and it will be on here. Even though it may be slightly, errr, un-cinematic.

All in all, it was a fine birthday. Splendid, relaxing, successful and gluttonous.

Monday we went to the club(Lifetime Fitness; takes me back to when Jess and Scott lived in Detroit!) and we went to the pool and played. Waterslides, mushroom fountains, who could ask for more. I took a few pictures, but my camera had died. Strike against me, ooops. It was a beautiful day and I was totally at ease with life :)

Until next time,
Song: "Fireworks" (kind of fitting, again, for the post, no?) By Animal Collective

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  1. EC - (Mercy comment) Sorry just kidding.

    You're cool going through Jersey on a train as long as you don't get off in Edison or Newark, then my friend, no hooded sweat shirt in the world can save you. *bwahahahahaha*


    - Neo

    PS. Have a waffle