Monday, June 22, 2009

Time Begins to Fly


Well, it sure has been a while since I've written. I am very sorry for the lack of updates. I don't even really have a reason or excuse.

Last weekend, I do believe we didn't do anything worth remembering on Friday and Saturday. Though I could be mistaken and just cannot remember it currently. But on Sunday, I decided to go to Eastern Market and I hit it big. Eastern Market it an outdoor market that sells produce and then there are vendors that sell their wares. I bought a beautiful many-stringed necklace of African beads from this African Booth, and I almost bought an African shirt as Fridays are African/casual days. Its usually a combination of those two. Then I found a guy who had old keys and I went nuts. Going Nuts! I got some really cool keys; they were old and just full of that sense of "what do these open?" I was excited. Then as I went to browse the produce, all of a sudden I hear "Free, Free, it's all free!" They were giving away produce and fruit and it was glorious! I got tons of peaches and nectarines and yellow squash and cucumbers and a HUGE onion. It was great. Next, they were selling pastries for buy one get one free! Like I needed pastries but, beyond the point. It was a good day.

This past week, I did something I should have done the first or second week. I found my local library and signed up for a card. Now, I am a library person. I love them. How they smell, the natural ease that accompanies them. You can even type-cast certain people that you know will be there. There's the middle-aged, slightly shy and stuttering, man who just loves to read and not very social. The older, eccentric, and well-read lady with the shocking gray hair and out-going personality. There's the younger college aged students who work there on the side because they love books and the simple atmosphere that is a Library. It was great, I felt right at home. Right at home. Whenever I go to a new city or am in a foreign place; I go to the library. It's my haven.

Well, I had plane tickets to surprise my Father for Father's day this weekend and left Thursday after work to go to the airport and begin the surprise. I walked out of the airport and flagged him down and the look on his face was priceless. It was a good car ride back catching up and talking. Sammi drove and it was scary to think that she will be 16 in October. Yikes! Thursday night we just went to the house and talked until bed. Friday morning I got up and got my bike out of the garage and rode all around Mount Pleasant to visit a few people that I always do. Basically my Culligan Crew, Feldie at work, and I always try to catch Father Barz at IB but he was off gallivanting on Mackinac Island. I was bummed, but teh other two were very successful. I rode around MP and realized how small it is, I wouldn't need a car really except for teh fact of carrying stuff. I don't think my soccer bag would have fit on my back. But then after dad's doctor's appt we hit doozies (DOOZIEEEEEEEEE'S) and headed out of town. We saw the Richard's on our way out and exchanged some pleasantries and Tadley said to be sure we were fishing, we assured him of the fact.

We drove to Baldwin and got some flies for the weekend, and met this REALLY cool old guy at the shop. He was turning 87 at the end of June but was sharp as a tack. Spoke with him for a while and it was so fun. Interesting people in the world, makes it fun. We then went to our campsite and set up the tent and headed down to the river. Fished until 10:30 and hit the sack. Saw a fawn, huuuuuuuuuuge spider, Massasauga Rattlesnake (they go in the water and on land, NO THANKS) Wildlife enough for me.

Got up after a torrential downpour that night, tent stayed dry though, no complaints. Well, one complaint, Lilly tried pret-ty hard to steal my sleeping pad and sleeping bag. That dog thinks she human. We ate oatmeal and bananas and headed over to the mouth of Little Manistee for some more fishing. We got on the river around 10ish and got off around 2:30. It was a beautiful day, no clouds and around 85 with a decent but tolerable amount of humidity. We then headed over to Manistee to walk the beach and the pier. It was just a picture perfect day and walking along with my dad was very nice. We bought a quart of strawberries and a few nectarines and plums and munched on fresh MI produce.

From there we headed to Ludington State Park and got the bikes out. We went for a 25 mile bike ride along the coast in the sand dunes. I love the Great Lakes, I will always gravitate back to them I feel. It's the ocean, only better and without salt. I spoke with my dad about many things and it was hard to think I won't be spending a lot of time with him over the next year, and I miss our time together. He spoke of the summer when he was the night ranger for The Ludington State Park. He told me stories of deer running across him, running to the lighthouse in the morning, catching people skinny dipping, writing his thesis at 3 am squashing mosquitoes on the paper, and sleeping on the beach int eh morning after a shift. I hope to have these experiences somewhere, in the wide world, but for now, I stick to The Mitchell Group and my urban experiences.

From there we headed home and I found that my dad's un-stylish and outlandish sun glasses that he has had for 25 years are actually Ray Bans. My dad has magical powers, he not only found the only goofy pair they sell, but managed to turn them nerdy as well. I have included a picture.

We came home, a family that is a long time friend of ours came over for some veggies, fruit and sushi. I then showered and met a few friends at eh bar. Amazing when you know the owners how the 19 year old just waltzes in. hunh. I saw some people I really missed, and then I tried to miss some people that I ended up seeing. Such is Mount Pleasant. But my night's adventures with Bryant were a highlight. Jake and Amanda were there grooving along as well. But Bryant and I reminisced and spoke of Dave Matthews as we have been doing for oh, around 6 years now. All the way to when I would ride my bike across town to visit him at Kroger and eat Ben and Jerry's. I ran into a bunch of guys I spent my time with all through hig school that are actually Grace's age, Kirk, Berto, Dan Coyne, Shane, Mikey Mo, and assorted others. We went to Coyne's house and made brats, and Bryant and I did a crossword puzzle. Sorry krissy, we wanted to make sure that it was a Wynona Rider movie "Where the Heart is", I realize it was 1:30 there, my bad. But I'm pretty sure it was right. I went home and fell asleep with Lilly's even breathing and felt 15 again.

I woke up the next morning at 7:30 and rolled out around 8 to go to Deerfield Park for a run as is my, I wouldn't say tradition, but my comfort and grounding. I ran with Lilly and this time brought a swimsuit. I got to the rope swing and swam across the river to it with my puppy. She sat on the bank as I flipped and threw myself off the rope and into the morning air and the plunged into the Mighty Chip. We swam back across, ran back to the car and headed for my other always trip out to my home. Gilmore. Every time I go, and every time I start down the driveway but turn around. I'm learning that the past is passed and, well, that's it. I miss my home, but it was a life more than just a place. The place is representative of what was, but going there won't bring it back. I turned around, blared the sat radio to the Sinatra station and Lilly and I sang our way back to Kane Street.

Sang all the way to Van Ness and my desk now at TMG.

Farewell and the length on this exceeds all before, but hopefully the visual stimulation helps :)

Claire Winter Gorton

Song: I have listened to many during the time of writing this, but currently it is "Lie in our Grave
s" by DMB, which is quite fitting in my opinion.

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  1. just read this post and i must say those brats were delicious. probably won't be doing the weekend crossword puzzle drunk any time soon. that thing is hard enough as it is! who in the hell still listens to the four tops?!