Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Weekend

Well hello, I felt at the beginning of this I was going to need to restrain myself from writing too much, but it seems I don't have a huge urge to write all the time. I seem more content with writing it in my head and then never publishing it in anyway. I told you Trevor, that's just how I seem to operate. But, for the sake of my VERY big audience, (thank you H berg! I am now up to 4!!!) I will publish my fine thoughts and wanderings of thoughts onto my lovely e-claire.

I babysat for Jessica this weekend, as had been planned since back in February when we found out that I would be int he Eastern Regional for the summer. Basically I went and hung out with the kids for the weekend. We made pizza, forts, a music video (which I will attach later) and had a wonderful time. On Sunday we took Connor to hockey for his season ending evaluations. Which was all very interesting, but even more interesting was the guy there with the looks of a tanner, less slimy Jude law. We got to sit and watch the soccer game (devastating loss, I thought we had it!). Avery was playing Uno with me, but I had other strategies on my mind than how to get down to one card ;)

We left (sadly sans un numero de telephone) and began our adventure through New jersey, more specifically: Trenton. If anyone has ever read the Stephanie Plum novels, let me tell you first hand, she romanticizes them and Trenton. Big time. Nevertheless I ate a butterscotch krimpet (dry and sub-par) and soaked up the surroundings from the inside of a locked car.

I love trains. I love riding on them, watching them, the only thing I don't like is getting on the. Poorly marked and confusing the train stations are. But I am improving GREATLY. I figure by the time I get back from Eu I will be a train expert. Or so I'm hoping. The Trains have nice comfy seats, and if you look for a while, usually you can get a double and stretch out. Then if you pretend to sleep at every stop, people won't really wake you up in order to sit next to you. But this can be counter-productive as maybe you want someone to sit next to you. In France I don't think I will be pseudo-sleeping very much. Not very much at all.

This article I have attached is about my neighborhood! if you go on 11st on the picture, (down) until it has a fork and i work right there at that fork! Read about my neighbor and learn a little. Pretty cool eh? I am planning a BBQ for my office for Thursday and am excited. Then I take off that evening to Jessica's again (on a train!) and I get to see my seester!!! I can't wait, I love and miss her so much. Even if she is a lame eggplant. I kinda wish Joho was coming, but at the same time kinda excited to just have my sister to myself. if you count with scott, jess, connor and avery to myself.

Until next time,


P.S. I went and checked out my neighborhood theatre to see if you can buy HP tickets ahead of time. big yes. I also asked if I could get a free poster after. Another big yes. Rejoice.

Song: "the Supine" Andrew Bird

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  1. I like trains
    That video is a hoot,
    not at all "hod"