Monday, June 8, 2009

Generational Love

I have now had my third weekend in The District. This one was kind of boring, but filled with highlights.

In case you didn't know, Friday was my sister's 23rd birthday. !!! MY sister, 23. Unbelievable. Also,a fun little thing about teh Gorton girls is that our birthdays are exactly 3 years and one month apart. So this was a wake-up call that I have one more month of being a teenager, or as matthew once said, "one more month of doing stupid shit and getting away with it". Krissy, my time is dwindling. But on a different note, June 5th is also national Doughnut Day. SO my roommates and I went down to the Krispy Kreme and got our free doughnuts. Not only were they handing out free doughnuts, but ANY doughnut you wanted! not just a glazed, or a krueller. ANY ONE. glorious non? Max I was thinking of you every second, and I am sorry if this causes you a lot of pain to realize I was eating a Krisy Kreme and you were not. Nor will you for a long time. ;)

Then, we went into a cosi to get water and get our stomachs back to normal size, and all of a sudden Steph sits up straight and says "I SWEAR I just saw a mouse" we don't see it BUT a few minutes later there it is just chillin on teh floor looking for crumbs. Steph tried to get a picture of it, but to no avail. Though I DID succeed in taking a picture of her, trying. So riveting, I know.

Saturday seems to me to be completely insignificant as I can't remember what we did. Oh yeah, I slept in until about ten, got pissed that I did and was in a bad mood for it. Literally, if you have ever seen me in one of these moods, it is not a treat; I really hate having things touch my ankles, or talking to people. Let's just say it was a good thing we went to see a czech movie in teh nat'l gallery of art and I didn't have to speak.

Sunday my g-parents were in town in their bi-annual trip from FL to MI. They drove in around 11 and we went out to a nice brunch. We then headed over to the WWII memorial as they had not seen it yet. My G-pa was a marine in Japan and it was very, hmmm, weighty to see him there. A whole lot going on in his mind, that is what I saw. I sat with my 81 Grandparents with our feet in teh fountain and felt a little bit of what I feel time feels like. I could see generations of us, grandmother to grandaughter talking, about love, life, health care, sisters, recipes, political leaders, books and much more. I felt as though I was sitting int eh family tree, though it was a great feeling it also made me think of my mother and the empty spot between us, grandaughter and grandmother.

I went home and as I watched the sun set I was thinking about how time passes so quickly and so big. The cycles engulfed me and my thoughts, I thought about Zach for a while and my motehr and was a little more grateful for the warmth on my face and the simple joys in life. And then, today when I get to work I have an e-mail from Zach's Father. It made my day, and EVERYTHING worthwhile.

On a lighter note, I always take my lunches sitting on our stoop. I enjoy the sunshine and the birds and not being at a desk, more than most of you can imagine. Well, today was hot and sunny and I came in only after about 20 minutes. Much to my humor, I rediscovered my abilty to take sun in a short amount of time. See photo for laughing purposes. I was sitting with my legs strtched out in front of me and crossed. Hilarity ensued.

Until next time (and sorry for the length)

Song: "Seven Nation Army" The White Stripes

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