Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Long Overdue

Hello Everyone,
I thought it was about time to show everyone where I live. These are just a couple of pictures detailing my appt. Shall we?

This is a few steps in from the front door (not that there is a back) showing the living room and the way out onto the balcony.

So this is the balcony, with my room at the end. Just turn your head sideways, I'm a little too lazy.

This is our view from the balcony to the East , it is beautiful and overlooks Rock Creek Park. As you can see it is quite big. It was a bluebird sky today, a very beautiful day today. Next I will take you to the kitchen. It is small and slightly stuffy, but we make a lot of use of it. We bake a lot. Steph has this recipe book for items under 200 calories, and are so good. We d those a lot, especially a lot of things with bananas, as they go bad fairly quickly.

This is on my wall, it is my Utah shrine per se. Its right across from my bed, and its a daily view of mine.
This is the view of the bedroom from the door. I am in the bed closest to the camera. Steph sleeps by the window.

here is my view from my bed. I wake up every morning and the sun rises right through the window. It is very beautiful. I am tired and slightly distracted. If this post is disjointed, I am at fault. :)
Song: "Summer int he City" Regina Spektor

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