Thursday, June 4, 2009

Milestone #1

I've hit it. That point where this is no longer teh beginning of this time in DC. I have little routines, I expect to see certain things when I wake up and they now coincide to where I am living. I do certain things that make no sense except they have come from habit, something I did the first day and haven't stopped.

So......what now? Most of the habits I have fallen into aren't terrible exciting. Going to the grocery store everyday after work in order to get fresh food. Running Tues Thurs. Weight lifting Mon Wed. Watching two and a half men, friends, or sex in teh city. Reading my novels. Blah. I am not that productive at work. I have a really hard time finding energy behind a desk. Nothing is stimulating my mind. can I do this for a living. I can right now because I know it is over in 3 months. But could I deal with this day in and day out for seemingly forever? I don't know. And my career might take that turn. The question is, do I stop it?

Jeremy brings up a good point. If I was doing something different, it like be a whole new slice of pie. Let's be honest. I am an intern, and I haven't been given anything terriby exciting yet. I'm not ruling out the future, but so far. I'm doing things that are necessary, but slightly mindless. Not mindless that an idiot could do them, but they don't challenge me. At all. Or even involve, uhhh, anything. Really, I love it when french people call in becasue I get to speak french. yes! I am just so restless. I am not exactly sure where it is stemming from, but I will get down to it eventually. So for all you people out there wondering how I get along as a high energy person behind a desk; let me just say. I don't eat any sugar. Yes Max, rejoice.

Song: "Freeze and Explode" by Cassettes Won't Listen


  1. Yes! I finally made it into an eClaire post!!!!!!

  2. Claire, you may be an intern, but TMG is better for having you there!
    btw, hows the water?