Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh Dear

How do I begin?
Amsterdam? We shall begin there.
So I wake up after 2 hours of sleep, still recovering from the CRIT (which I have yet to chronicle for you) and with the onset of a cold at 3h40 AM in order to catch the shuttle to the airport for my 6h30 flight to Eindhoven in the Netherlands.  I packed like a pro this trip and at the airport my bag only weighed 7.5 kilos ( I used my ice climbing day pack) and therefore moving and shaking was a breeze.  

Things go off without a hitch, I get to Eindhoven, in a surreal manner because I fell asleep and with my fatigued state felt like I was just plopped in teh Netherlands.  Amazing a 2 hour flight and poof. Just like that. SO I take my 1.5 train to Amsterdam staring at the countryside and ironically watching The Girl with the Pearl Earring (even more weird I got it in french and so Scarlett and Colin are dubbed...bizarre...) so I am watching Dutch countryside on my screen and speed past out my window. But I get to Amsterdam and IT. IS. GORGEOUS.

I don't want to get all mushy and stuff but I had a beautiful day and basically fell in love with Amsterdam.  It has found the perfect, happy medium between old charm and updated efficiency. I think I would like to live there some day.

Well my time in Amsterdam was exceptionally enjoyable and I had such a memorable time.  A mix of all the things you hope to attain while traveling.  I slept in, I shopped at the local market, I stayed out late, I travelled to a small nearby town, I gorged myself on local treats, I visited a major tourist attraction, I stayed in with friends and made dinner, I saw a concert, I went to a (few) museums, I lounged in the sunshine, I laughed, I smiled, without cares or schedules. I just lived.

I also broke my device that uploads my pictures to my computer.***  So that wasn’t so great but a small hiccup.  I am now in Copenhagen with Robyn and Caitlin.  Boy, do I love them.  Spending time with them – we could be anywhere – but it is only augmented by our locations. 

But I am off like a prom dress---
Claire Foncée

***These photos are borrowed from Roby because of the aforementioned misfortune

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