Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ROLF hits France

Last day in Paris..for a few. I have Nick here, only after I had a small freak out trying to find him. He had told me that he had and international phone and that he would call me when he got off the plane. I gave him directions to a central area and that he should call me from there. I also told him that if I hadn't heard from him by the time 2 and a half hours had gone by since his plane landing...I would come looking for him.

So as you can guess he didn't get in contact. And I'm starting to frrrrreak. It doesn't help that max calls me and starts laughing when I say I've lost Nick. Good ole Max. But I call Roby whilst pacing the Gare du Nord and it sounded something like this...
" What do I honestly do roby? Do I go to the police? but if I go to the police do I just start having them search ALL OF PARIS for a Nick Rosenberger??? Do I go back to the airport and try to retrace his steps?? Do you think he would have taken that cab like he wanted? Do you think he would take it tot he eiffel tower, I mean that's a central Paris landmark. Oh MY GOSH I lost Nick. Where is he? Call me Nick! E-mail me nick! I'm going to the police, wait first I'll page him at the airport. Roby, get me the number to CDG"
Roby" Do you want the Lost and found number?"
She always can make me laugh...
"Wait an unknown number is calling me, hold on..."

And of course it was nick, his phone had died and he couldn't charge it fast enough, and therefore nearly gave me a heart attack. But all's well that ends well right. Yesterday we went to Notre Dame and the Louvre and le tour eiffel. We had a nice dinner around the corner from us and headed home to watch a movie and help Nick return to health. But Now we're headed to Venice!!! And guess who enters the stage again...
Enter Front and Center Maximilian!!!!

"Vincent" Don Mclean

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