Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So after trolling back through the Alps and making stops, one in Munich, you can see the beautiful square below; we then were winding around mountain passes and freezing glacial lakes, to end up in Graz. Though after leaving Salzburg, we decided to go to the Fédération Int'l du Ski (FIS) or the international federation of skiing. It was COLD but it was fun. Actually it wasn't even THAT cold, except for the fact that we were standing on lots of snow. SO our feet were basically lost to us for about 4 hours, but we warmed up with some Austrian stuff. I had a giant Brat (literally the name) Nick and Max had Langos,(this is fried dough basically doused in garlic...) and then for dessert Nick had a chocolate covered banana. (not exactly Austrian, but good nonetheless.

We went inside momentarily to warm up a bit and I got to see some real Austrian dancing and beer festivities. It was hilarious to watch and I wanted to join in. So did Max :] Jeremy: the corner I scan to is for you, I say it was an average of 15.

After the ski jumping, we headed to Graz, Max's city! We went over to his parents' house where I met his mother and saw his father again. Though Nick hadn't met either and it was fun. We had dinner, looked at the most adorable pictures of Max (little BLONDE Max) and just had a great time.

The next day Max had work and so Nick and I took off exploring Graz. We went to many places, one was the clock tower where these little guys dance...see video. You can see that my German skills have improved immensely. I now can say, please, thank you, I love you, and count to about fifty. Then Max picked us up and we just hung out, drank some beer and did what we do best. You decide which one it is.

Now Nick and I are off to explore Graz some more, eat some pastries and climb the Schlossburg! Until next time!

Song: "Fleigerleid"

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  1. I love this. I love how nonchalant it is to be describing these adventures you are having. You are living your life, Claire, and I LOVE YOU for that!!!!