Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well it is far into New Year's Eve today in Paris and it is another decade change. I should ruminate on all the things I have been doing, sharing stories and adventures that have come to pass. But let's just do that another time eh?

I remember the turn of the century fairly easily, my family had a party with close family friends. I drank St. Julian's, positive it was better that any Champagne or alcohol that anyone else was drinking. Eating mini-quiches (God Bless Quiche)and running around with sparklers. I vaguely remember the notion of Y2K and the earth ending yadda yadda yadda, but didn't really understand what it was stemmed from. At Midnight, I had it all planned out: I had my dog under one arm, and the first three HP books and a picture of my family under the other. Those were the most important things to take into the new mill in my 10 year old opinion. And then, at the exact second, I snapped a picture of the Dick Clark Ball dropping and the clock illuminating 11:59:59 1999. I still have the picture and yes it is just as and even more epic than it sounds.

If I had thought about where I would be in 1o years, or even thoughts such as these, do you think Paris would have crossed my mind? Hmmmm, probably not at that point. Amazing the things that have happened in ten years. This is my first really understood decade. I can look back at the naughties (Time magazine has declared it the naughties and I enjoy it) and truly remember each year.

I'm not going to get nostalgic, in fact quite teh opposite. Thinking of all the things I am going to do and all the things I want to do AND KNOWING that they are all possible and it lies in my hands, this knowledge is the most empowering, drug-like high feeling I've ever had. As I walked home this morning on quiet Paris streets as the sun was rising, I felt overwhelmed with...I can't even...hmmm-if there was a word combination of accomplishment, elated, powerful, hungry and content. Just To Think! Where will I be in ten years (and no this isn't an anti-drug channel one commercial....)? I'm guessing Africa. That's just a far-off hope and educated guess. Let's not jinx it. To all: A Happy New Year and know that all these years to come have so much to offer, no matter who you are. Cheers mate!!!!!
In Review:I'll do 22,...just for a nice round number. And by round I mean that 2 is my favorite number and that is 2 2's. Yeah! It wouldn't let me rearrange them, so no particular order.

Claire Winter Foncée Gorton
Song: "Eyes as Candles" by Passion Pit


  1. mmm...not in a single picture ... I might not find the airport to pick you up Claire! ;)

  2. How positively fabulous you are in Paris, Claire! :D Alors, on doit se revoir en Afrique en 2020! Happy New Year's from Germany! Emily

  3. A good post. A grand post. A comment-worthy post. I love the photos, think you are beautiful, and can't wait until our paths cross again.


  4. Max! You are in a picture, Claire is actually leaning on you, it is only half your face, but you did make the cut....hahhaha! :) Much love to you my worldy sister, a world away yet always in my mind and heart! To toasting another grand year in our adventure of life! Be safe, have fun and I LOVE YOU! We shall soon be together again!
    P.S. We need to discuss countries soon, I have a plan but I want your input!