Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rolf adds another member...

And we picked up Max! Technically he picked us up from the airport but really...

Anyhow, we spent the night in this amazing hotel (that I am saving for when Grace, Joe and I return there) where we were basically the only people staying there. We checked in and drank a few of the Austrian beers max had brought. By that time it was 11:30 and we were hungry. We were headed to the gas station to pick something small up....hmmm closed.

Magically on teh side of the road is a kebab shop! Fantastico! we ate kebabs, washed down with another beer and headed back to the room. Quel bonchance et tout!

Headed to Venezia the next day and it was just gorgeous. I have read countless books about Venice and living it was exactly what I had been hoping for. Streets winding around corners that one could easily imagine venetians dressed in their beautifully recognizable garb darting around corners laughing at teh inside joke that is the navigation. Then periodically climbing up over little bridges across blue-green water was just magical. And because we went in off season it was not even crowded, which was one of the best parts.

Venezia, I will most definitely, Definitely, DEFINITELY be back.

Then today we headed off up through Italy to Verona! Max told me he would take me to Juliet's balcony. And I wanted some gelato. A quick stop for that and lunch (pumpkin torletti...mmmmM!) and we were on the road to AUSTRIA!

Now we're in Insbrusck after a BEAUTIFUL drive around Lake Gardo and up through the mountains. We'ce checked in and are headed out for some schnitzel (after having bought 9 austrian beers) and an adventure! Ciao

Song: Poker Face Lady Gaga remix
(courtesy of maxi)

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  1. Why is the gondolier peeing off the bridge? Is that customary? j