Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is it just us?

So recently I was in (two, actually) London Airport(s) and traveling with a friend. After checking our bags and moving through a few lines, I turned to her and said, "Is it just me, or..." and she finished my question saying, "is everyone REALLY nice here?" Now don't get us wrong, everyone was really nice. But, the main difference???


This dawned on us, and it was like water flowing over a dam, all these things that made so much more sense. I do like France. I DO. And I will a lot more come Tuesday, but it is copious amounts of funny how true to stereotypes some thing in France are. The people, individuals, aren't stereotypical of what we categorize them as. For example, they are not all snooty, cheese munching, alcoholics who hate America. Wrong. But, it is the bureaucracy and systems that are in place in France that ring true to what you have heard. People: Customer service was invented in North America. Britain and other areas of the world have caught on exceptionally well, but not so much with France. Try to get someone to help you (some whose JOB it is to HELP YOU) and at the end of it you will be not only be apologetic and guilty for asking their help, but might even walk away without anything to show for it. Wha??

Take for example, buses. We went to teh bus place to get our free month of October bus pass. We walk up, give them our best french speaker and ask for one of these in a polite and inquiring manner. In return we get "il n'y a plus" Which means there aren't anymore left. So we ask about details, and the lady will ONLY repeat this sentence to us. SERIOUSLY. So, we ask again about it and possibly getting one else where, and she says, that it'll be 20 euros, but that's a good deal for the month. Ok, so one of us buys one.

We come to find out later, there WERE ones left, she didn't have to pay the 20 euros, and they are FREE. FOR ALL. We had to go to a different place. But all these things apparently were satisfied in the sentence "Il n'y a plus" right? There aren't any left means, "we only have a few left, you have to go to another building, but if you keep asking me I'll just charge you 20 euros to get out of my sight with some bullsh*t reasoning that really doesn't even exist".

The French.

I am currently in DC right now, sorting out some very fun and very exciting details of staying in France. I keep finding out more and more about my story. So when I return to Aix, and have all teh info, I will be sure to blog and write down the HILARIOUS (only because it is over) and completely FRENCH story that is now, well, is now my life.

P.S. Treacle tart is possibly one of teh best desserts I've ever had. England, score one.
Song: "Give it up or let me go" Dixie Chicks

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