Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gonna pick up the game

Ok. I'm Sorry. My blogs have been boring of late. Not that they were particularly gripping before, but the past few have been a new low. It's not that I've been really busy or occupied with other important things. I think I;ve been a tad bit off. Like culture shock and the like. Whatever.

But now I think I am getting back into the swing of things, and I also have the ability to get pictures off my camera!!!! WOOO. SO this mean that you won't just have to look at me holding a something. Or a something in front of my computer. Or just me. Because we all know how old that has been getting.

Here are a lot of pictures. This is a cop-out for now. But still visually pleasing, non?

Sitting in the courtyard of my school.
Out my window
View out my window
Caitlin and me
On the Cours Mirabeau on a sunny Sunday morning on the way to Market
Beautiful-out my window
The Family at dinner(from left to right) Robyn, Ben, Me, and Sebastian
Robyn and me
To Market! To Market!
Les Poissons Les Poisson. Hee hee hee hoh hoh hoh!

I sit here and eat lunch, or breakfast or dinner if I don't eat with The Family.

Song "Back to the old house" The Smiths


  1. ugh ugh awful, awful picture of me with the fam! crop me out for goodness' sake girl!

    other than that though, i'm so jealous of your view on that side of the building. seriously. i'm like, a vampire over here in the shade.

  2. Wow - all of that sucks so much. New Jersey has so much more to offer - smog, dead trees, bears, traffic, idiots in traffic, idiots....are you sure you dont want to come study here? Great community college down the street. Only 20 minutes of idiots in traffic to get there...think it over. Altho - you would need to buy more hair product.........

  3. Yeah that is NOTHING compared to Utah. I have bitter-ass cold weather to greet me in the morning, a bus I consistently miss, and NO MARKET TO BUY SOME BLOODY CHEESE FROM. I hate this. Where is New York.