Saturday, October 24, 2009

de temps en temps

Now that I'm settling back into my life here in Aix, with my visa, I have continued to play soccer. I play around 3-4 times a week and with numerous teams. Tonight, the guys invited me to play and we went over to Stade Carcassonne and got it going on.

SO I played semi-decent. I had some distractions going on and they were getting in the way of my play. Boo, but true. At one point, I took a strong shot and was given some pressure immediately after shooting, and was on one foot so I fell over. And the thing is, we play on gravel....Wait for it...

Yup, and the funny thing was I didn't notice it for a little bit. I then looked down and was like "oy!" and I had smeared it all over my other leg too while playing. I looked great. But don't worry, the french guys said it was sexy. I was a little freaked out by that, (blood does not equal sexy) but they were just being nice. Odd, but nice. I was wearing my red wings t-shirt and just everyone the blood was to match it, and because I just wanted to channel the spirit of hockey.Halloween is soon right??

SO, I then continued to go get groceries for diner with Ben after soccer, and realized I was walking through Aix with this all over my leg. Ha. We were a sight. I'm sure we smelled great oo. Playing soccer for 3 hours straight, GREAT deodorant. Not to mention rubbing shoulders (and hips and legs) with french boys who do NOT wear deodorant.

Yes, we were a sight. Turning heads. It's my job.
Song: "Le Territoire" by Brazilian Girls
crappy video. Sorry.


  1. I find your posted pictures are, um, non-explanatory. Maybe you should take a camera to practice. non? j

  2. i don't know who j is but i know what he/she's talking about. can't fool me. except i don't necessarily need a picture because i already know. oh i know.

    and the ambiguity thickens...