Sunday, September 13, 2009

To market, to market!

To market, to market to buy us some cheese;
Now ten euro lighter-thank you and please.

To market to market to buy some fresh mint;
I'm seeing the world with a rose colored tint.

To market to market to buy tomato paté;
What a glorious and nonetheless very French day.

To market to market a day second to none;
home again home again market is done!

I have started on my quest through the cheese land which is akin to heaven in my eyes. I am buying a new cheese every time I go to market/the store. I will keep track on here. Provided with descriptions and very, Very, VERY jealousy envoking pictures. Enjoy!
This is the first one. C'est Tomme Brébis. It was aged for 3 mois. 3 months. They also had the same aged for 6 mois ET 30 (THIRTY!!!) mois. I tried it, I think 2nd, and there were about 9 cheeses. and I KNEW it was the one I was buying. It's absolutely delectable.

It is quite soft (only aged for 3 months) and creamy. It's not very sharp, but has almost an earthy flavor. It is also slightly sweet, and fairly rich.

I will keep everyone updated, even if you don't want to read about it. We also bought some jambon cru (aged ham) that was aged for a year. Yes, be jealous. Except those vegetarians out there. Just be, except understand what you're missing. Love this market. Love the damn thing. I'm already sad to think about not being able to go to it....and it's the 13th of septembre! nevermind, I'm reveling in the fact that I have 10 more months.

Song: "Last Fair Deal Gone Down" Keb Mo
This is Robert Johnson, because there isn't a Keb Mo version on youtube.


  1. jambon cru! et le caviar de tomates! et des olives! le marché c'est le meillure!!!
    i loved going to the market with you today. come over tomorrow and share my tomates and jambon!

  2. Mmmmm I am jealous and not vegetarian so then more jealous. I luh you girl.