Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fromage II

Mmmm Fromage. Seriously. Just the facts today people. I went to market again. It wasn't as lively and full of the certain french-i-ness that it had last weekend. I think it comes from the amount of rain we've been having. The french like to hole-up as it is on Sundays, but even more when it rains. But I nonetheless got some amazing cheese. I was trying a few different types, but then this one hit me. And VOILA, decision was made.

It is a slightly strong chevre. When it is a tad cool it has a crumbly texture in the mouth, when room temp or warmer it is nice and gooey. mmmm. I am currently eating it with a Provence Pear and it is divine. I think I like it better when warmer and gooey.

I also bought this massive mushroom. I'm planning on having it for lunch some day this week. Potentially wednesday when I have a 3 hour break in between classes. I need to buy some mozz or possibly parm to cook with it. hmmm the possibilities.

Well I am off to write my glorious Hinckley Intern paper. Gotta get done at some point right? Yes yes, oh yay. To quote the Streets.
Signing off,
Song: "Nail" by the Sugarcubes

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