Sunday, September 27, 2009

I just hope its not cigarette ash.

Market, yessir.
Cheese, bingo bango bongo.
I forgot to get the name of teh cheese. I'm sick. So a little bit out of it. I detest being in public when I'm sick. But I had to go to market. Evidement.

This cheese is quite good. It is actually a tad bit spicy. I think. My taste buds might be tricking me with this cold. Its very creamy and 7/10ths smelly. There is also ask in the middle. That's the black line you see. It is quite a good addition. But, what kind of ash is it. Better not be cigarette ash because I eat enough of that shizz accidentally in my kitchen.

France: Smoking is bad for you. Stop it. It isn't cool anymore. NEWS FLASH.
Do you "readers" exist anymore? Are you gonna send me pictures of us or not? My walls are still blankkkkkkkk.

Song:"Flock of Words" Trey Anastasio


  1. Excusemoi?! I READ. Religiously. And I'm jealous of your cheese and ash. So. There's that.


  2. 7/10ths?

    is that like 5 foot and 3/5ths tall?