Friday, September 2, 2011

Fun and funny and a funicular.

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That's teh soundtrack for this post, per usual.

I'm still out of sorts, but slowly getting back on my train.  I've moved into my temporary residence, doing a favor for a friend whilst she has her kitchen renovated.  I'm currently sitting in front of a massive window - it painfully reminds me of chambre A4419.  I'm drinking a tea in my robe, and trying not to think about the near future. I'm going to show you some items across which I've stumbled.  
A movement from day to night in one still. 
So, being a bum isn't all it is cracked up to be.  I'm not exactly sure who has cracked up what, but I have come to learn that productivity is absolutely necessary for my happiness.  Thanks USA, that's what I get from you.  Ok, my words aren't worth a whole lot today, let's stick to music, images, and videos, eh.

I am very excited about going back to MI on Sunday for my dear Sister's wedding. I cannot believe it is finally here! And! I get to see Caitlin because she is flying around the world to come to the wedding. It is going to be beautiful and I get to enjoy some Fall in the beautiful Northern Michigan parts.  I guess life isn't so blah, just a massive transition is taking place.  I need to grasp something tightly, yet everything is changing and to what should I hold on? Just like Paul says, I am tumbling in turmoil and whoaaaa, so this is what she means...slip sliding away......

An effort by the WWF to bring global warming and the melting of the ice caps to attention (In Berlin)
I want to wear yellow eyeliner today.
From the blog Canelle et Vanille in Espellettte, France.

This may be the most disjointed blog post I've ever done - how fitting because that's how my life is right now. Ironic.

Here is an amazing video for Lanvin.  How telling, the models can't dance, but still look beautiful.  And then When Alber Elbaz comes out and dances a goofy little dance, - class.

Good riddance to this post,

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