Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Slippery: 12 September 2011

So leeeeesten.

3 6 5

The miles - the meals - the memories.

     Also known as:  9 . 10 . 11 !!!
This year's 12th of September was spent in post wedding come-down from a high induced by good food, friends, family and dancing. The Wedding was better than the royal one, I'll say that without any reservations. My 12th was actually spent hugging Caitlin Goodbye hoping to see her in November and hugging Krissy goodbye knowing I'd see her later that day most likely.  MY SISTER IS MARRIED.

So another year has passed and I accomplished and enjoyed a great number of things. It wasn't all good and it wasn't that bad. I've got a solid handle on myself currently and feel that it may rain, or become bouleversé - but I'm able to smack it out of the Park anyhow. As long as Grace is around with Joho nearby.

I'm angry taking this photo(ANOTHER?), but consequently it's the only one that's surfaced of Gercie and me...thanks Barb.

The things that died and bloomed this year for the poignant culmination of today is enlightening.  I'm glad September 12th exists to be my own personal Big Picture Day. Long Run Day. Overarching Meaning Day. How perfectly prevailing, this life.
Claire Winter Gorton

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