Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekends make the difference


SO I'm nearing a possible end here in Utah, and I don't want to leave.  I know this isn't really a surprise - perhaps I will give a little visual explanation.

I've recently become involved with the climbing program at the University, and it has gotten me back in the outdoors on my weekends. I think that's what makes a difference in a location.  What you can do on teh weekends. Dinner out, ballets, dollar theatres, cute neighborhoods - any good city will have these.  But when I can go and repel a massive arch and hike through majesty such as Moab, that's when I know I need to stay.

La Réveillon
     The sky is laced with fitful red,
      The circling mists and shadows flee,
     The dawn is rising from the sea,
Like a White Lady from her bed.

     And jagged brazen arrows fall
     Athwart the feathers of the night,
     And a long wave of yellow light
Breaks silently on tower and hall,

     And spreading wide across the wold,
     Wakes into flight some fluttering bird,
     And all the chestnut tops are stirred,
And all the branches streaked with gold.
               -Oscar Wilde
La Fuite de la Lune
     To outer senses there is peace
     A dreamy peace on either hand,
     Deep silence in the shadowy land,
Deep silence where the shadows cease.

     Save for a cry that echoes shrill
     From some lone bird disconsolate,
     A corncrake calling to its mate;
The answer from the misty hill.

     And suddenly the moon withdraws
     Her sickle from the lightening skies,
    And her sombre cavern flies,
Wrapped in a veil of yellow gauze.
          - Oscar Wilde

Keep it up, friends.
Claire Winter

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