Monday, April 11, 2011


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Although time is extremely relative, it is comforting at teh same time.
A push.
The big check mark on an overarching to-do list will gain satisfaction - but to what end? In all the aspects of my life, everything thus far experienced, graduating college will be an accomplishment. Despite the social relativity that is a result from the graduation, I do believe I will not feel any different.  As far as my life will extend, my micro checks on a fantasized DARS reports hold no bearing to my internal self-appreciation.  I've always been moving forward and this transition isn't really any different in my mind.  There's no need to trump it up, no comparative semblance necessary. 

I guess to sum : graduating college is over rated.  This may stem from my privileged situation, but I mean it in more of a sense that this is only walking through a doorway and in no way a defining moment in my life.  Something I've discovered for/about/within myself is that I don't measure my accomplishments by things that can be cataloged on paper. Simply because they aren't the hardest aspects of life - at least for me in my personal experiences.  All in all, graduating college was fairly simple. When teh work is set out, doing it isn't.  I don't shy from hard work.

SO, on that note - here is what stands between me and my college degree:
FR 4550:
-1 more three page paper(french)
-one oral exam(french)
-read 11 more chapters(french)

-read 2 more books(french)
-one more 4 page paper(french)
-one oral exam (french)

POLS 5710
-one 6 page paper (english)
-nine more articles (english)
-one final (english)
-one more book (english)

CLCS 4990
-one short response paper one page (english)
-senior thesis paper(english)

HIST 1510
-one more 4 page paper (english)
-one final (english)

Ballet 2310
-one more paper (english)
(and all of the classes of course!)

That in three class weeks and one finals week. INCRED! I do believe that is it for me for the evening.  Or it should be.  xxxxxxxx
Claire Winter Gorton

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  1. It wasn't a big deal for me either. Probably because it was always something we would do, just another stone tossed into Lake Michigan per se. On to the next great adventure sister and when they involve you....they are always great.