Thursday, March 31, 2011

Holy Sh*t

click it and be annoyed

I bought my gap and gown today.  I opted out of the "stole of gratitude". I didn't think it would be instrumental in the ceremony or my gratitude surrounding my graduating. 

Is this really happening? YES.

Although according to my transcript I still have around 40 credits to get. Stupid admissions - my french credits are sitting there waiting to be verified. GET ON WITH IT, EH?

that is all.  xxx


  1. congrats on gadi-tatin!

  2. I miss you. Haven't kept up with this blog enough, probably because I'm not writing in mine at the moment (though I do intend to... so hard to motivate)... I'm procrastinating from writing a very large paper which is what brought me to wander the ol' internet.... Congrats on graduating my lovely. We must skype when my shit+fan is less... shitty. As in... next week or so. Nice glasses! I got new ones too. I'm such a hipster now...

    Talk soon babe. Love you