Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mes nouvelles


So an update - my life may be more exciting that I thought - but still lacking from last year. and Let's not even get started on the glamour issue.

SO I am moved into my house and absolutely loving it.  I will take pictures tomorrow as it is dark right now and therefore not a good idea for flattering pictures of 1041 Logan.

As of now I have some good news.  It looks as though I am going to be graduating this May! No strings attached! I mean bona fide graduation in May.  I don't think I have to take any classes over teh summer semester - Balla!

Another tid-bit of juicy goodness, I was selected to work this semester with the Utah Education Association.  It is a very exciting opportunity as I can observe first hand how education systems function, interact within itself and the community, as well as meet some new and very interesting people.  Which we all know I love to pick brains and so I hope they know what they're getting into!

I am also reffing volleyball for Campus Recreation this season - a fun and laid back job that will then get me into working with the OP again once ski(busy) season swings into being. In addition I am tutoring a friend in French and I am surprised at how much fun it is and how much it is helping me stay on top of things like grammar and nuances that aren't worked over in French classes - but that I used while living there.

Oh the joy that stems from loving life - I am happy with the way my commitments shaped up this semester.  Also I absolutely love this house.  I love coming home to it - I love its location - I love my kitchen - Home.

I was browsing Nat'l geographic and found an article detailing how a new species of frogs have been discovered after previously being mistaken countless times for young or adolescent of age.  I mean look at it! Hard to think it is fully grown.

This other photo is a beautiful mélange of a photographer and another artist who came together and realized how brilliant their talents are when put together.  And thank the lord they figured it out - because I love it! Thank you Tina Berning and Michaelangelo di Battista, thank you.  You're inspiring. And awe-inspiring.

Glamour, still looking for you and trying so hard to be creative.  but you're elusive nonetheless in my current situation. But Raga and Bone can help. Jessica, do you need a babysitter/shopping getaway....but maybe in like a month when I have a couple of paychecks...

Ok folks, I am off to clean my beloved kitchen. : ]

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