Thursday, September 23, 2010


click the click

I feel it again.  In my bones.  This inadequacy.  I haven't felt this way for a while.
But the overwhelming memory of my first 4 months in France is all rushing back.

And why do I feel this way again? What other reason but the little child of France? - French

I am beginning to resent people telling me to slow down.  So what if I operate at three different levels all at once and they are seemingly unrelated. I don't want to be told these "compliments" that are only being told to you because you need to change. What kind of joke is that?  You're just too in shape to actually play this sport with if you could just fatten up a little bit and slow down, maybe we'll let you exist happily in our game.

I think I am complaining about something most people would call a high class problem.  But there is still the word problem.  Whatever, I should shut up. Work harder.  Damnit - will I ever be good, sufficiently fluent in french.  It discourages me from learning other languages.  ok, buck up toots.


Here are some recent cooking adventures from the weekends.  I justify them as they make leftovers and therefore save time during the week.
Red Pepper Soup

and Potato Summer Squash Torte

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