Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mixed Reviews

I went to Monaco on Sunday.

It was a gorgeous day with some truly spring sunshine falling all over the place. Located on these fantastic seaside cliffs overlooking the blue, blue sea, Monaco couldn't have been topped by many places for a day trip on a Sunday in March.

We wandered through Monaco.  We went to the océanographie musée.  We had coffee overlooking teh Mediterranean.  We walked in and out of cultured spring gardens.  Overall it was a fabulous day spent with good friends, and it got us out of Aix on a Sunday - which can be increasingly like a boat and give you cabin fever after the Winter months. Good friends, drinks, and sunshine in the Mediterranean is not bad.

 cocktails à Café de Paris

Here are some memories.

Although Monaco was lovely, and I enjoyed myself.  I was drowning in all the flexing and I was choking on the superficial exploits that line Monaco's every metaphorical and literal corner and street side. So much money. What's the point?

But beautiful nonetheless.

The End by The Doors

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  1. Great song.
    Great pics.
    Great story.

    let me know if you ever go to