Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to live the good life on a stipend and a microwave.

Living in France, people are always asking "how is the food?"

The food is good.  There are many things which are just not so easily attainable in the U.S. The bread has a different outlook on being eaten.  The shops that dot teh streets offer delicacies for the eyes an stomach, but it is understood you don't need to charge up the nose for them.  I will surely miss a crêpe stand at every corner. Or the fresh rabbit stew that is made daily in the market and wafts up through the streets to me sitting in University. 

But observing all these things, one realizes you cannot eat a crêpe, or baguette, or even rabbit stew too often.  Variety is teh spice of my life. And luckily I live with some very ambitious and food driven exchange students.  We actually love food more than a lot of things.  We seek quality out on a daily basis.  We drool over the thought of having a proper oven or (dare I dream) a food processor. But alas we live in a building where sometimes the windows are broken and shattered for days on end.  Or your heat just doesn't work.  And it is a guarantee that there are cigarette butts all over your cooking space.

But we could never give up our good food.  We don't give in to raman or pre-made quiches or cassolette. We have heart. If even in the simplest ways. I can give you our recipes, and instructions but they're pretty cuques-specific. But last night we made empanadas. YUM.

Ready for the hot cooking thing that we have to use as an oven

Filling-beef, cumin, potatoes, peas, eggs, lemon, worcht, and sage.


Living in the res, as poor, penniless foreigners. We still eat - it is a source of life for us in more ways than biology. It is our nourishment.

MASTERPIECE COLLECTION (I recently downloaded this mélange of amazing masterpieces and it makes me so very happy.

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