Friday, February 12, 2010

Les Bougies

A while ago, I was at Carrefour and decided that I was going to buy some candles(bougies) and stick them in wine bottles for dinnertime. This was a hit and we bring them out whenever we need a little extra touch to the slightly depressing kitchen we are stuck with.

Well, in addition there is a lack of light near my desk area and I decided to do something about it. I been granted with a couple of tea candles and so I lit those, poured it on a rock, stuck a candle in the malleable mess of wax and voila! I figured, Aix hasn't really left the middle ages and if you can't beat 'em -join 'em!

Night and Day

I am not completely sure when my next blog post will be, but I have an inkling that the subject matter will be a little more exciting that my room's light fixtures. Less rigmarole and more pasta.

Mango Pickle - M I A

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  1. come on, what's more exciting than candles?!?!