Thursday, February 18, 2010

I think we're IN Pisa...

Italian Road trip 2010-
Seriously? DO I live this? Do I speed down the French Riveria, with that being the part I'm just trying to get past? Am I entering Italy and immediately impressed and asking myself why i chose France (WHY ON EARTH?) Do I get to eat amazing food with glasses of prosecco and dessert wine on the house? Do I turn down streets on accident and run into ruins of senate buildings and 1500 year old gatherings?

Yes, I do.

I live this and I really do enjoy it. I also enjoy robyn. I have been spending every waking moment sauf showering, bathroom time and sleeping and I have not once felt any sort of emotion except happiness and utter contentedness of being with my surroundings, mindset and company. I could give you all a play by play. I have an hour+ in the car tomorrow and maybe I will do it then. but to be honest, giving the play by play almost de-glorifies teh experience for me. Breaking it down feels like taking a Shakespeare and analyzing exactly what he meant by each word instead of savoring teh rhythm and rolling artistry of the entire piece. That's how I'm living it. in one piece. I mean I understand that I need to document it and show my loved ones what is going on, so here are some pictures and a VERY brief description.

Aix en Provence > Genova (one night) > Pisa > Firenze (three nights) > Roma (which is where I am currently) Goodnight and See you tomorrow (Hopefully!)

So these I mentioned before how France just likes to spite people - we were driving down south (more than we already are) and the weather was slightly gloomy but still on the water. Well we were driving on the coast and twisting and turning and yadda yadda yadda and so that means LOTS of tunnels (YES, maxi I held my breath for the beginning {the first 25} of the tunnels but decided to fold because I wanted to have conversations too) and we enter the one that takes us into Italy and AS SOON as we get into Italy the sun is shining. Really? Yes, Thank you Italy! Well, here you go.

Song: listening to teh conversation between my father and me.

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