Friday, February 26, 2010


Last night I had a game in Avignon that was quite the evening. Part of this was because we were driving there and I am looking around seeing CASTLES and the AVIGNON PAPACY just along our route. This person, from a young, young country will never get used to the history that is just plopped sporadically in Europe.

The other reason last night was eventful was because of my soccer match. I play with a regional team of Aix, females who are studying in the aix-marseille area. We are currently playing for the championship of France. Last night was teh semi-finals (I think...I always get confused between the quarters and the semi's...) - if we won we would play in the finals in Bordeaux.

The game was on a grass pitch, which is fairly unheard of. Although it was super muddy and slightly slippery; that is part of the fun right? What was NOT part of the fun was the referee. UGH. He was calling fouls like we were 12. Seriously I think referees in France, when they conduct female matches, have this idea that we are fragile and not able to take a hit...which doesn't really surprise me. (think back to the "trying to buy a bike" incident)

But in any event, we won 2-1. I scored and we are going to play in the finals next week in Bordeaux! Although I was kindly smacked on the face by my coach and told he expects more of me and I better churn out some more goals next time. (seeing as the first game I played I had 7....) But it was a good night and sadly it was roby's birthday...and I missed our family dinner with cake. But tonight we're going OUT for dinner and then going OUT out and having a good time. So I am off to study and then hopefully play some tennis - although it is quite windy. Ciao!

Most of the team in our "vestier" (locker room)

Me and Belma - she's hilarious and a strong defender. (she came over from Croatia during the war and so she speaks, english [ a little] french and Croation! )

"Memphis Underground" by Herbie Mann
closest I could get...

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