Friday, December 18, 2009

That whole communication thing.

As to prevent Joe from calling the embassy to find me again I will provide a few details of my whereabouts over the next month. I don't know how often I will be able to blog, but I am hoping frequently.

Today:17 décembre 2009: Currently in Paris staying with Caitlin and her friend Matt who is studying here at Science-Po.

17-20th of décembre: In Paris and meeting up Caitlin's family in order to re-group and head to the Alps for Christmas!

20th-28th of décembre: Staying with Caitlin's family in the Alps 20 km away from Geneva.

28-5th of décembre and janvier: Back to Paris for a ROCKIN New Year's Eve and Day celebrations. Then Nicklaus meets up on the 3rd and we fly to.....

5th Janvier: VENICE! We fly to venice and meet up with Sir Maximilian for a stay in Venice and a nice picturesque drive to Graz.

10-13th janvier: Graz, Austria with my boys until I fly to....

13-17th janvier: LONDON TOWN baby with my own personal tour guide Benj. We then meet up with Naz, Caitlin and hopefully Roby for a fun-filled cold, wet, island in the Atlantic adventure.

17th janvier: Fly back to Marseille.....Sad day....except I get to be reunited with my boyfriend....BEAU D!

Claire Winter Gorton
Song: Sounds of Paris....
Sorry no pictures...


  1. Life isnt all about studying, CW. You really need to get out of the study carol and experience the world around you. Go for a walk. Meet some people. Experience stuff. Go somewhere fun. j

  2. No I know why you've been so bad in writing back hahaha!!! Great to see you're all over! Lets hope for a warm and sunny Italy (the food is fantastic anyways), and a lot of snow in the mountains (not on the roads)...